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Parlez-vous français? Well, if you’ve been looking for an app that can double as an immersive French language lesson for tots, the new Montessori Letter Sounds HD in French app from Les Trois Elles Interactive might be just what your family is looking for.

Following the famed Montessori educational method, this lovely application starts at the beginning, by introducing little learners to letter sounds in French. From there children are introduced to common French words, and the photos that represent them. There are plenty of practice options, from drawing French letters to identifying the object that begins with a corresponding French sound. I’m particularly fond of the app’s section that displays the photos, each of which leads to the written word and pronunciation, helping kids (and parents!) put it all together.

Montessori Letter Sounds HD in French is extremely thorough application, which you can customize with your child’s photo and name, as long as you don’t mind fumbling through the French instructions. Don’t worry, though. You can enable English instructions which are easily accessible on most pages by tapping a button covered in the American flag.

While there are a lot of apps in the App Store that educate children on letter sounds, I think Montessori Letter Sounds HD in French combines a healthy mix of educational approaches and a fun, rewarding system that children can really relate to. It was also kind of fun to learn some French alongside my little one.

Bottom line

For a middle-of-the road price, Montessori Letter Sounds HD in French provides a lovely French primer perfect for children of any age.


Learn French! Featured as iPad App of the week in France!

Montessori* Letter Sounds in French is a French language app to introduce children to French. Based on sounds games, it is a wonderful initiation to French pronunciation.

Montessori* Letter Sounds in French teaches them letter sounds in French (and not letter names) as well as their first French words. It works in 4 steps:
– First step: «La boîte à sons» (soundbox) will allow children to identify sounds at the beginning, inside and at the end of words, in order to educated the child’s ear to French. We have also included « out of the box » words to enrich children’s vocabulary.
– Second step: «La boite à lettres» (letterbox) is an important step leading to the memorization of all the letter sounds and shapes in cursive (French children write in cursive letters).
– Third step: «Images et Lettres » (mix and match) brings together the two first steps with 3 games of mix and match.
– Fourth step: «La dictée muette » (spelling game) is for children who are ready to start sounding out words in French. They will write their first French words, on their own!

Each one of these steps is designed like a three period lesson: discover/learn, answer directed questions (show me…) and answer open questions (what is this?).

Children will find each step fun and motivating thanks to:
– Quizzes
– Recording options
– Mutli-colored marbles distributed for each correct answer. The system keeps track of the marbles for each player. Marbles are used to unlock game levels to ensure that children have played with each level enough to access the next one.

Last but not least, a «boîte à outils» (toolbox) offers children the possibility to:
– hear all the letter sounds and see the different writings
– trace letters in a notebook (on white or lined paper)
– trace letters in a sandbox
– see all the pictures and hear all the names of the objects (great for vocabulary)

The Montessori Method is based on sensorial learning. Its main goals are to develop children’s autonomy and self-confidence.
This app is ideal for children from 3 years old.

Les Trois Elles was founded by Montessori teachers, who use their classroom experience with hundreds of children. Our aim is to develop a range of truly educational as well as beautiful apps based on the Montessori Method.
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