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  • Moose & Zebra: Dinos
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  • Last modified: November 19, 2019
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Moose & Zebra are back again and this time they are teaching children about dinosaurs. This is a great app with lots of fun and educational activities children will love.

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Moose & Zebra Dinos is another app featured in our At-A-Glance: Dinosaur Apps for Kids post that teaches children lots of fun facts about dinosaurs using a variety of great activities. Full of amazing illustrations and images, this app is visually appealing and fun. With mazes, matching, memory activities, and so much more this is one app that the dinosaur lover in your home is going to adore!

Features include:

  • 15 Activities
  • Wonderful illustrations
  • Dinosaur fun facts


Similar to the Moose & Zebra -Sweden we reviewed several months back, this app is full of gorgeous illustrations and images that children will love. The audio includes upbeat music, narration, and sound effects that accompany each activity that help to keep children engaged. The developers have also done a nice job of keeping the app simple to use by including verbal and written instructions for each activity as well as arrows to turn the page and a hint option to help players in case they get stuck. The user interface is very intuitive overall, but it is always nice to have added help in case children need a bit of assistance.


I love how the fun dinosaur facts are weaved almost effortlessly throughout the activities. Children are introduced to a variety of dinosaurs by name in addition to learning what they eat, how they protect themselves etc. But that’s not all players will learn. There are also some activities that allow children to work on identifying colors, identifying the order of items, and using their logic to put together a dinosaur skeleton puzzle. Overall great information in a wonderful layout.


The developers have done a magnificent job adding fun activities for children to enjoy in addition to the educational pieces of this app. There are mazes, puzzles, connect the dots, and paint by code activities that provide a bit of fun to this educational app. It’s also nice that the entertaining activities fall easily between the educational activities as it keeps things interesting.


Priced at just under a dollar this app is an absolute steal! There is so much for children to learn in addition to the fun activities that you just can’t get anywhere else for this price. Parents will be happy to know this app won’t break the bank and is certainly a must-have!

Child Friendliness

Moose & Zebra Dinos is a great app for children of all ages. There are a variety of activities that even young children can enjoy and with it being narrated throughout, pre-readers can enjoy all that this app has to offer. The help button and arrows at the bottom of each page also make it easy to move through. Children can also access all of the activities individually from the home page or go through them in sequential order which is nice. While there is not text highlighting to follow along with the narrator, there are still plenty of ways this app is easy to use.

Parents can rest assured knowing the app is not only easy to use, but pretty safe too. There are no in app purchase links or social media links to be concerned with. There are a few protected links that when activated (by answering a math problem) they will take you to other Moose & Zebra apps or to the rate this app function. The rate this app button appeared as a pop up window on the main page and while it was protected, it can still be a bit iffy for some parents.

Moose & Zebra are back again and this time they are teaching children about dinosaurs. This is a great app with lots of fun and educational activities children will love.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars