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Get an in-depth, animated view of the human body with MotionBody.

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With MotionBody, kids get an in-depth view of the human body. Kids can explore the human body using their finger or a special MotionPen. As kids move around, they’re able to zoom in on different parts of the human body. They also get to read text that helps explain the functions of the individual body parts. This app, and the other motion apps, offer kids a unique way to interact with the apps that they played.

Features include:

  • Interactive stylus
  • 3D animations
  • Information about the human body
  • Educational and fun activities for kids


MotionBody and the other apps designed to be used with the MotionPen have been designed well. They feature high-quality graphics and animations that make it easy for kids to interact with them. MotionBody works best with the MotionPen, but also functions well with just a child’s finger. The pen itself takes a bit of time to setup, but once it is set up, it is easy for kids to use it. When kids use the stylus, they build their fine motor skills and also find it easier to navigate within the app and interact with the app than if they just used their fingers.


Through this app, kids can explore the human body. The app displays a boy’s body with different circles around it highlighting key areas of the body. For example, one circle shows the small intestine. Kids can move around the body to view the inside parts or tap on a circle to get more information about a particular part. The only negative to the way the information is presented is that it contains small text and there is no audio narration. Younger kids may not be able to benefit from the app as much as older kids because they cannot read the text.


Kids will have fun looking through the human body. The app basically gives kids a magnifying glass which they can use to explore the inside. They’ll see the heart, the intestines, the lungs, and all the other working parts. While the parts of the body are shown as animated images, they’ll still give kids a good idea of what their body looks like.


Downloading the app is free. A MotionPen can be purchased separately. While kids don’t need the MotionPen to use the app, it does make use a lot easier for them.

Child Friendliness

The app is free from most content designed to take kids away from the app. In the settings section, there is a link to the developer’s website. It is not protected, but it is small and unlikely that kids will try to access it.

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Get an in-depth, animated view of the human body with MotionBody.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars