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Review Summary:

A somewhat intuitive app introduces kids to the four seasons through a variety of mini games and other fun activities.

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Take a trip to the world of the Multipets where they’re standing at the ready to help introduce kids to the four seasons. There kids will discover many different mini games related to each of the four seasons. Since the app does not contain any verbal instructions, kids will have to use the nonverbal clues to figure out how to play and may need you to remind them of the season connected to the particular season. Kids will solve puzzles, water plants, and complete other fun activities some related to the seasons and some just for fun.

Features include:

  • 12 stages
  • Animated graphics
  • A variety of mini games
  • Nonverbal instructions


Cheerful music and images greet kids as they enter the app. On the main page, they’ll see the first season unlocked and begging to be played. Once kids choose a season they’ll discover the fun world of the Multipets which is full of activities for them to enjoy. While clearly designed with kids in mind, some many find the design to be a bit busy, which occasionally makes it hard to figure out how to get to the activities within. The games themselves offer a fairly intuitive design, but occasionally kids may have to spend some time figuring out how to play.


As kids interact in the world of the Multipets they’ll learn about paying attention to nonverbal clues and acting based on their intuition. They’ll also learn a little bit about the four seasons, as each of the activities corresponds with a different season. However, since the game lacks words, parents may want to sit close by and remind kids what season they’re currently in, helping boost the learning potential of the games.


Kids get to enjoy 12 different stages in the game and each of those stages has fun activities to complete. For example, in the summer stage kids will get to put together crab’s shells, pick the seeds out of a watermelon, and water a plant. As they walk through the world they’ll also get the chance to interact with the animated graphics contained in the main scenes.


Downloading Multipets The Four Seasons is free and comes with access to one season. Parents can then opt to unlock the additional seasons through an in-app purchase. Before doing this, make sure your child enjoys the free game because while the in-app purchase introduces them to different seasons the games have the same feel.

Child Friendliness

Nonverbal clues and intuitive design help kids get through the games without a lot of instructions. However, in some instances, it may not immediately be clear how to play a game or interact with a scene. Kids will learn to look for the stars to find the activities and to tap around to see what else they can interact with. To access adult content parents must hold down the locks for three seconds, gaining access to in-app purchases and additional information from the developer.

A somewhat intuitive app introduces kids to the four seasons through a variety of mini games and other fun activities.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars