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Several months ago my brood and I had the pleasure of examining a fantastic math app called Multiplying Acorns HD. It had a lot of great features and was a big hit around these parts.
Now this fun and educational app from Operatio has had a serious revamp, expanding to include new games, an amazing reporting feature and even some additional learning styles.

At its heart, this ap is still all about reinforcing multiplication skills. Cute chipmunk characters leads kids through practice problems and are full of positive reinforcement.

Let me say, the new features are amazing. My favorite addition to this savvy math app is the new games. They encourage kids to learn and practice multiplication even more to earn access to games. Kids earn coins and acorns for answering multiplication problems correctly. Those coins can be used to unlock fun awards, and three new acorn-themed mini games.

This app already had great interactive screens that encouraged motor skill development, and the mini games just build on that. The new reporting feature is so thorough, it’s simply brilliant. You can see exactly what questions the kids have answered, what the correct ratio is and even set up the game to test kids on problems they haven’t tried yet.

The app graphics also got an update. You set up and maintain three unique profiles for multiple children (such a convenient option!) and adjust the difficulty of the available numbers.

On the down side, I did see the kids having trouble when they selected the game methods at the top of the game screen. The game seems to get stuck, and we inevitably moved it back to the standard game style to make it easier. Otherwise, I’m entirely impressed with the updates to the Multiplying Acorns HD app.

Bottom line

Despite a few issues with the updated app, the thoughtful additions to multiplying acorns hd app are amazing. This app just keeps getting better and better, it’s an amazing value and the perfect tool for reinforcing multiplication skills through a fun gaming environment.

What’s New in Version 2.0
✔ 3 different Quiz modes
✔ Unlock 3 different Bonus Games in the fun “Winter Food Storage Factory”
✔ Improve Eye Hand Coordination, Action Timing and Problem Solving by playing the bonus games
✔ To continue playing the unlocked bonus games, collecting acorns is required which will encourage to solve more math
✔ Beautiful new 3D User menu with interactive squirrels
✔ Detailed statistics on all answers showing number of correct and incorrect answers
✔ See graph of accuracy on every 25 earned gold coins up to 300
✔ Select to practice on the unsolved math problems
✔ Removed external links from user menu
✔ Added Press&Hold security to open app Settings
✔ New Settings Presets for 5 skill levels
✔ Easy Counting Option: Inserted acorns will hover a bit. Count speak when cracking acorns manually
✔ Double Game Speed Option Regular Price: $0.99