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The My Big World app for iPad is a beautiful, kid-friendly, world encyclopedia, stuffed full of cool games, stories and fascinating facts. This app is absolutely amazing and sure to draw your little ones in to a world where learning is as cool as it gets.

My Big World takes the shape of a spinning planet. Not only is this app 100 percent kid-friendly, it’s designed to be explored by little fingers. I’ve never seen an app quite like this before. It reminds me of being a kid and staring at a world map with pictures, imagining far off lands and asking my grandfather question after question. I suppose in this digital age, there had to be an app equivalent sooner or later. Now there is, and it’s not only beautiful and intriguing, it’s actually fairly priced at just $2.99.

At that price, My Big World is cheaper than a map or a book, and it’s infinitely more interesting. There are more than 350 pages of goodies in the app. It was really a joy to watch my 4-year-old play with it. Oh sure, he explored until it was time to tuck it up and go to bed, with his head full of cool new facts. But he also found a few favorites and kept on going back to them. At his age, it’s a family participation kinda app due to all the facts, but he did manage to enjoy it on his own, too. The questions he came up with after exploring the app with us for a bit were really fun.

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m absolutely in love with the My Big World app. I think it’s one of the best additions I’ve made to our family-friendly app collection in a long time, and think it’s something the kids will play with for years to come. I really hope the app keeps expanding and adding additional content. If it does, it could really up its value in my estimation.

Bottom line

My family fell in love with My Big World, and I bet your’s will, too.

My Big World introduces young children to our planet, starting with a revolving globe children can literally press anything and anywhere to explore their world.

Space, oceans, continents, countries, animals, sights, people, sports, transport, dinosaurs, stories, games, languages and simple descriptions the application provides a wonderful insight into our world.

Offering in excess of 350 screens, sounds, video, hundreds of child friendly illustrations and photographs, beautiful stories and much much more. My Big World is a unique educational compendium in an interactive and fun wrapper. Regular Price: $2.99