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Strengthen your children’s memory muscles while they learn about animals with the My Memory HD iPad app.
This matching game supports up single or multi player modes (up to four players) and features three unique collections of animals: farm animals, sea animals and zoo animals.

Select one, two or all three brilliantly illustrated card sets for a custom matching game. Play in easy mode with 20 cards, regular mode with 30 cards or hard mode with 42 cards.

How to Play

Your child starts playing the My Memory HD iPad app by touching one of the cards on the screen. The card will turn over revealing the picture of an animal. Then she will tap a second card to try to find a matching animal picture.
If he finds a pair the game will play a recording of the animal’s sound, the matching pair will disappear from the board and he gets another turn.

If the cards she taps do not match it becomes the second player’s turn. Each player takes a turn (indicated by a glow around their player number) until the board is clear. The player with the most matched pairs at the end of the game wins.

A Good Start

While My Memory HD is a lovely mobile matching app with a delightful range of animal pictures and sounds, it does need a little work.

Adding an option to enter a child’s name as a player would be a wonderful improvement. That way when your child gets a pair she can be personally congratulated for her good work. A scoreboard to track your child’s progress would be wonderful as well.

The slight glow around numbers that indicates a player’s turn is not very pronounced, making it difficult to tell whose turn it is, especially in brightly lit areas. This indicator definitely needs to be larger and clearer.


For $2.99 My Memory HD is a colorful matching game full of animal sounds kids are sure to love. The app could use a few upgrades, but the concept is solid.

Learn about farm, sea and zoo animals while having fun and developing your memory skills.

Main Features
  • – 63 high-quality drawings
  • – 58 animal sounds
  • – 1, 2, 3 or 4 players
  • – 20, 30 or 42 cards
  • – Interface in English, German, French, Portuguese
  • – Free additional cards are in development
  • – iPhone & Mac OSX versions available

40 new free cards are in development.