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Review Summary:

Dr. Seuss-like rhymes help kids learn to read and learn about science.

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My, Oh My – a Butterfly brings a story in The Cat in the Hat Learning Library to life. This cute rhyming story focuses on teaching kids about the life cycle of a butterfly. Therefore, not only do kids get to use their reading skills, they get to gain some scientific knowledge too. While the app does have some animations and music, the focus is more on reading and science rather than interactivity and play.

Features include:

  • Text highlighting
  • Cute animations
  • Upbeat background music


When kids first open My, Oh My – a Butterfly, they are created with a cheerful scene. Butterflies fly across the scene as Seussian characters try to catch them with nets. A catchy, happy tune plays in the background. The high-quality, interactive graphics and music continue as the story is read. Kids can tap on images and see, as well as hear, their names pronounced. They can watch the text highlight as the story is read in a crisp, clear voice that accentuates the trademark Seussian rhymes.


My, Oh My – a Butterfly focuses on more than helping kids build their reading skills. Yes, the text is highlighted as it is read aloud and kids can tap on objects to see and hear the associated words, but there is more to the story than that. As kids read through the story, they learn about the life cycle of a butterfly, starting when it is an egg on a leaf and going through a caterpillar’s growth and its eventual transformation into the butterfly. The short rhymes and animated graphics make learning about the butterfly’s life cycle more interesting than a typical science book.


While the opening scene of the story is interactive, one thing the story lacks is interactive components as kids read. A few of the pictures in the story are animated, which kids will enjoy, and kids can click on objects to see words appear, but that’s about it. Those who are used to stories where they can click on objects and see them move and react may be disappointed with this book as they read.


My, Oh My – a Butterfly is also available as a hardcover book. While the digital version of the story does contain text highlighting, cute background music and a few animations, many parents may decide that, for the price, it is worth spending a little more to add the actual book to their child’s library, rather than spending so much for a digital version.

Child Friendliness

The opening scene of the app is busy with multiple icons to click on and branding for The Cat in the Hat Learning Library. However, when kids click on an icon that contains content not designed for them, they are shown a screen noting that the content is for parents only, ensuring that kids stay within the story.

As they read through the story, kids can quickly figure out how to move from page to page and highlight key words. The story is also read at a pace that allows them to easily follow along.

Dr. Seuss-like rhymes help kids learn to read and learn about science.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars