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There is so much to love about this fantastic app that it is likely appeal to the whole family.

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One can only feel sorry for poor Nimbus, a glum little rain cloud, as he tries so hard to navigate through a scene without raining on those who do not like to be wet. Nimbus is apologetic when he just cannot help but rain on those around him. It is your job to lend a hand, or in this case a finger or two, to help Nimbus rain only on the flowers, the only characters who appreciate what he has to offer.

Features include:

  • High quality design
  • Challenging, family friendly game
  • Entertaining goals and achievements


Negative Nimbus contains all of the elements one would expect in a 5-star app. The graphics are not only adorable, but entertaining. Bill, the umbrella, was my favorite helper. The music and sounds add to the fun.

A short in-app tutorial is included to quickly show how to play the game. Options for muting sound and music are also available.

This app is not being rated for education, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t come up with some uses for educational purposes, such as a reward for a job well done.

Negative Nimbus is top notch family fun. This app will appeal to a wide range of users. Levels do become more difficult as you go; however, the game is no more difficult than many of the popular game apps your kids probably already play. The app currently contains five worlds with eight levels each; with additional ones promised in future updates.

Nimbus is definitely a game that requires the use of both hands. One hand is used to control the rain and the other to swipe or tap to uncover the flowers.

Earn rewards by achieving a variety of goals. Goals are not just for the standard actions like obtaining three stars when completing a level. They include more humorous things such as raining on a sandwich having a picnic or a hot dog at a campfire, actions you would normally try to avoid. Comics and hats are earned along the way. Nimbus can wear the different hats and the short comics can be read multiple times; both are just for fun. Negative Nimbus has a good amount of humor for adults and kids throughout; from the hilarious animations the characters go through when they get wet to the content of the comics.

Negative Nimbus is a high quality universal app currently set at a decent price. The game plays well on either size screen. Some may complete the levels more quickly than others depending on their gaming skills.

The design is easy to use for a wide range of users and does not contain those undesirable buttons or links that have no place in a family-friendly app. We love apps that do not contain social media, external links, ads or in-app purchases!

Available on the App Store