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Noah’s Memory Match is a cute, kid-friendly, well designed match game. It offers the choice of two languages, English and Spanish, five levels of difficulty, two game modes and hours of entertainment.

This isn’t just a match game, but an opportunity for your child to learn another language or for little ones learning new words. As the cards are flipped to reveal the animal, the narrator pronounces the animal name. One other benefit of this app could be using it with multiple players; which would be good practice for taking turns.

For each game mode (classic or timed), you have five levels of difficulty to choose from. More cards are added as the difficulty increases. Easiest level has eight cards, most difficult has 24. The timed mode has the flood waters rising, as the timer.

Noah’s Memory Match is a universal app that works well on either device. I was a little concerned how the 24-card game would work on the smaller screen of an iPod. It proved to be easy to use, even for adult-size fingers.

The overall design is cheery, kid-friendly, and intuitive. Though I do like the design of this app, I do have two suggestions for improvement; provide an option to turn the music off and make the narrator’s voice a little louder if the music is on. Turning the music off would be helpful if the child is learning the name of the animals, in either language. The music could be a distraction for some. Also, having the narrator’s volume a little louder so it can be heard better over the music would be helpful.

Bottom-line: Noah’s Memory Match is a fantastic match game app that is reasonably priced and will provide hours of entertainment for you and your kids.

Can you help Noah matchup the animals before the flood?

The story of Noah’s ark will be brought to life in your child’s imagination in Noah’s Memory Match. With five levels of difficulty and two games modes your child want to play again and again.

In addition to building memory skills, Noah’s Animal Match builds language skills with the ability to play in both English and Spanish. With high quality voice acting through the entire game, your child will learn the names of animals in both languages.


  • Play in English & Spanish
  • 5 Levels of Difficulty
  • 2 Game Modes (Classic & Time)
  • Randomized Gameplay with 15 Animals
  • Learn Animal Names in English & Spanish
  • Voice Acting Through The Entire Game

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