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Another wonderful collection of outdoor educational stories by Oceanhouse Media that teaches children about birds, butterflies, trees, and seeds. Great for families or for use in the classroom!

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Outside Your Door Learning Library Collection is a wonderful educational app that is featured in our At-A-Glance: Environment Apps for Kids post that includes four Dr. Seuss stories that teach children about trees, seeds, butterflies, and birds. Including recently reviewed I Can Name 50 Trees Today! and three other stories (which we recently reviewed) this collection is all about nature and will inspire little ones to get outside and explore the great outdoors and all that it entails. With fun facts about trees, butterflies, birds, and so much more children are going to learn lots of great information while practicing their reading skills.

Features include:

  • 4 Stories
  • Narration options
  • Voice record


Oceanhouse Media always does a magnificent job with their collection of stories and this one is no different. The color, illustrations, and interactive features within each story are easy to use and very engaging. The developers have included text-highlighting, narration options, and tap and touch technology for vocabulary words as well. Readers are going to love the audio and sound effects that are used throughout the stories as well. For instance, the Fine Feathered Friends story includes birds tweeting as well as lively narration (the other stories include this as well.)


In addition to the narration and text highlighting that help children with their reading skills, the developers have also included a variety of vocabulary words that children can tap on in the story to learn more. For instance, in the Oh Say Can You Seed, words like embryo, cotyledon, and coat are highlighted and children can each word to see the definition. This additional interactive feature in each story allows children to add more words to their vocabulary while learning great information about seeds, plants, trees, etc.

Each story is also set up to teach children about specific topics. For instance, Fine Feathered Friends shares information about the parts of a bird, the biggest bird, and other fun facts (such as birds having 3 eyelids on each eye) while My, Oh My-a Butterfly! shares information about how butterflies come from eggs and transform from a caterpillar to a butterfly. All of the stories include tons of wonderful information while allowing readers to practice their reading skills which is great for little explores that love the great outdoors.


Dr. Seuss books are always quite entertaining since they are full of silly words and rhyming prose and this collection is no different. Children are going to love the stories not only for the interesting information, but also the variety of stories they can read. The books included in this collection are: I Can Name 50 Trees Today!, Oh Say Can You Seed?, My, Oh My-a Butterfly!, and Fine Feathered Friends. While there aren’t any additional activities or games for children to play, this app will provide lots of fun by way of the lively narration and great stories.


Priced at just under $18 this app is much more expensive than many other ebook apps on the market, however it is a collection of stories and when you consider how much you would pay for each individual story (usually around $5 each), this collection provides a bit of a discount. There is also a ton of great educational material within each book that would be great to use in the classroom or at home for additional learning. This is also an Oceanhouse Media collection which has all of the bells and whistles that are traditionally found in their storybook apps.

Child Friendliness

Easy to use and safe too, this app is great for children of all ages. The user interface is very intuitive and will ensure that children won’t need any assistance using the app or moving through the stories. Simple tap and touch technology allows readers to learn new words in the illustrations and in the text on each page which is great. The text highlighting and narration options also make this app one young children can enjoy.

Parents can rest assured knowing that any additional app links or settings buttons are protected. There is a button that shows other apps and collections however each individual link (to the app store) is protected. There are also no social media links to be concerned with so there are no worries there. Parents will be happy to know they can allow their kids to simply enjoy the educational and entertaining material that this app has to offer.

Another wonderful collection of outdoor educational stories by Oceanhouse Media that teaches children about birds, butterflies, trees, and seeds. Great for families or for use in the classroom!

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars