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If you think that Operatio only develops math apps; well, think again. Paint-On-3D Easter Eggs is more for your creative side as it allows you to paint Easter eggs in way you may never have before. This is an iPad only app.

Once again Operatio provides your kids with a safe and fun environment in which they can play for hours. I know I had a hard time putting the iPad down so that I could write this review. It should come with a warning; once you start this app you will not want to stop!

The poor Easter Bunny has fallen asleep and looks like he could use a little help decorating eggs so let’s get started. First, you need to choose one of the five eggs. After choosing the egg, you are now in what my kids call the “Egg Decorating Room”.

Want to change the look of the room? There’s an option in this app for that! Actually, there are three wall color choices and three table cloth choices.

A few features to point out before you get too involved in the decorating; use the arrows for rotating your egg or it may be left feeling a little naked in places; and use the magnifying glass to help in the finer detailing. If you want to undo your last action, then use the undo button located in the color palette. The button next to it with the red X is to clear portions of your egg. To clear the entire design from your egg, you would also use the button with the red x.

The app contains three mediums; oil paint, water color and felt marker; and 18 colors. Playing with the different mediums and colors can give you many different effects and colors. Tools included are various brush sizes, “Happy Easter” stamps, 3D collage objects, coloring templates, and stencils. You can use your finger, a standard or nomad brush type stylus to paint.

When you have finished designing your egg, it can be included along with a card and e-mailed, or your egg can be saved to your device Photos. If you choose to e-mail your design, the e-mail message appears without taking you out of the painting app. When exiting the egg design area, the egg design will always be saved (within the app).

The bright and vibrant pastel colors and jazzy music used in the design of the app definitely put you in the mood for spring.

When I see Operatio listed as the developer on an app, I immediately think reasonably priced, high-quality, kid-safe, educational entertainment; Paint-On-3D Easter Eggs is “eggsactly” that!

A privacy disclosure is available in the iTunes description.

Bottom line

Paint-On-3D Easter Eggs is “eggsactly” what you need for hours of mess-free egg decorating.