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editor’s note: We found the iPhone / iPod version too small and so only recommend the iPad version.
Pearly will bring out your creative side in a simple, but unique iPad app that will appeal to boys and girls of any age.

Choose a design to start; designs include items such as an apple, fish, jelly fish, octopus, and butterfly to name a few, 12 in all to pick from. It was fun to see how creative the kids were with the designs. One of my testers used the butterfly to make a dog’s face.

Next, add the beads, 18 colored beads can be used to create unique and spectacular creations. Not only are the beads colorful, they are musical. While the kids work on their creations they can enjoy delightful background noises and music. Kids will get a kick out of feeding the frog prince beads and using the wicked witch’s wand to erase beads or to cast spells on the background animals.

When their creation is complete, use the frog’s iron to melt the beads in to something spectacular that can then be shared with family and friends by e-mail, saved to your device Photos directory or saved within the app.

This is a super kid-friendly app. It is easy and intuitive to use. One feature we look for in apps for kids is how safe they are and this app does not disappoint! The app does not contain in-app purchases, ads, social media or external links.

The app could use a little more polish to bring it into the 5-star bracket; such as the background image of the castle is too fuzzy, rather than looking soft it looks blurry. While the softness of the backgrounds work for others it felt off for this one. The characters also could use a little refining to make them blend better with the design. Over all the design of the app is nice; creating an enchanting environment for the kids to get creative.

Separate iPhone and iPad versions are available in iTunes. A lite version is also available for those that want to try before they buy.

Bottom line

Pearly provides many opportunities for creative entertainment. While some additional refinements are needed it is a good app at a reasonable price.

#1 most downloaded “kids games” in 4 countries.

#1 most downloaded “family games” in 4 countries.

Top 6 most downloaded “games” in 4 countries.

Top 10 most downloaded “all Apps” in 4 countries.

Choose a shape and let the magic of the pearls begin. Play by yourself or with your friends.

Beware of the hungry frog – it loooves pearls. Use the witch’s magic wand to make the pearls disappear.  Cast spells with the magic wand on the animals in the background and see what happens.

When you have finished creating a shape of your own, borrow the iron from the frog and make the shape come to life. There is plenty of space in the Princess World for all of your creations.

Show others what you’ve created! You can share your beautiful characters with your family and friends.

Pearly is a fun and friendly game for playful and creative kids. The game is free of speech and text, so children from all over the world and all ages can play all by themselves – without  help from Mom or Dad.

Regular Price: $1.99

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