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  • Peppa's Activity Maker
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Peppa Pig suggests fun activities to help pull kids away from their devices and build key developmental skills.

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Sometimes all it takes to get your child away from their smart devices is an app, particularly an app featuring one of kids’ favorite characters. Peppa’s Activity Maker encourages kids to be active and creative by providing suggestions for fun activities to complete. Simply choose where (indoor or outdoor) and how long (10, 20, or 30 minutes) and Peppa delivers a box with an activity for kids to enjoy.

Features include:

  • Popular characters from Peppa Pig
  • Over 30 activities
  • Connections to key skills
  • View all activities or narrow list by features


Upon opening the activity maker, two options appear: See all activities and Let your child find one. From there the app offers an easy-to-navigate interface. For parents, drop-down menus help them narrow the activity choices to find the perfect activities. For kids, a series of individual questions guide them through the activity maker. Once they find an activity arrows make it easy to navigate from the explanation and supply lists to each individual step.


Each of the activities in Peppa’s Activity Maker help build key skills in children. The “Why?” tab on each activity will give parents a brief overview of the skills each activity covers. Some of the skills the activities support include fine motor skills, imagination & creativity, understanding the world around you, colors, cause & effect, and hand-eye coordination.


All of the activities will be fun for kids to complete, but the process will be entertaining as well. Kids get to go through the activity generator. Guided by Peppa Pig, they answer questions to help get the gears on the activity maker spinning. They’ll love watching the box of toys travel down the conveyor belt to deliver them the perfect activity. Once kids generate an activity, they see an explanation of the activity based on a scenario Peppa Pig has faced. For example, for the moon boots activity, they’ll be reminded of the time Peppa and George visited the moon. At the end of each activity, Peppa Pig encourages kids to take a picture before moving on to something new.


Peppa’s Activity Maker is free on all devices and also free online. Accessing the app on a phone or tablet makes it a little more fun and interactive than accessing the online version, making the app worth the free download.

Child Friendliness

The app itself isn’t really designed for kids to use alone as the home screen is directed towards parents. However, kids can still figure it out on their own and find a great activity to complete. The option to see all activities allows parents to make sure they have all of the supplies on hand so kids can actually complete whatever activity they generate.

Peppa Pig suggests fun activities to help pull kids away from their devices and build key developmental skills.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars