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Sometimes I think I should rename this blog, Apps I Like and My Kids Might Like Too, because I love this app and found myself playing with it more than just reviewing it.

Each page in the app contains elements of a pirate themed picture. You draw in the details and watch as the story unfolds. It’s very silly and very fun, and once you are done with the page it is animated. Unlike a blank page or coloring book, kids can use their creativity without being intimidated by a blank page.

Everything about this app is so perfectly designed and just right for both kids and design-snob adults. I look forward to seeing how this app develops with new pages and new features. How great would it be to have an animated flip book of drawings – for example?

Bottom-line: Creative, fun and silly. I love it! Encourage your child’s creativity with Oscar, Josephine and Pirate Scribblebeard in their very first iPad drawing, doodling, and imagining book for kids!

Watch the interactive pages come to life as your child doodles their way on an adventure filled with animated pirates, hidden treasure, beards (yes beards!), and their very own pirate ship!

✔ Oscar & Josephine and their pirate friends narrate each page and encourage your child with lively and humorous animations!

✔ We don’t believe in drawing in the lines! Your child (or you) can scribble anywhere their heart and imagination desire!

✔ Easy 1-tap saving and emailing features turn doodles into sendable masterpieces!

✔ Simple and easy to use drawing, coloring and erasing tools!

✔ Delightful animations where your child’s drawing becomes part of the scene!

✔ Free updates include new pages for more imaginative doodling fun!

✔ Tested, approved, played with by children 3 to 10 years-old and beyond… even adults! Everyone has fun scribbling along with Oscar & Josephine!

Some love for Pirate Scribblebeard’s Treasure:

♥ “They loved it, happily doodling and laughing for a solid hour! Thank you for creating pure joy for our little ones … (and maybe ourselves … sh!)” – mother of 7 year-old

♥ “Our kids sat down this morning to play Pirate Scribblebeard and are now addicted. They have been on it for an hour now!” – father of 2 girls, 5 & 8 years old

♥ “The boys played with your app again tonight – they really do love it! I’m impressed that they come back again and again to the same
page to try something new” – mother of 2 boys, 6 & 10 year’s old

♥ “When I came home last night from work he was sitting on the couch singing along and laughing. He was also repeating what some of the phases being said. I think in a few more days, I’ll have a little pirate speaking child….arrrrgh…” – father of 7 year-old

Every child is born a genius, they are artists and creators right from the start. Tell your friends and fellow parents about Pirate Scribblebeard’s Treasure with Oscar & Josephine, and help Kidoodle Apps keep making products that encourage your child’s creativity.