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Providing diverse entertainment for boys and girls with many educational opportunities, Play Zone is a universal app kids are sure to enjoy on either device.

Six activities are included in each of the character zones; characters such as a princess, doctor, athlete and fire fighter will make your child feel welcome to come and play in this fun and safe world.

Each of the activities are designed as games, but are really hidden educational opportunities whether it is using their math skills in the Add Fun or Take Away activities or using their logical thinking skills in the Addictive Patterns activity. Some activities are timed. Feedback, for correct or incorrect, answers is always done in a positive manner.

All six of the activities are available in each of the character zones:

Dress Up: the child can change the character’s outfits, accessories or tools and then save the image to the Photos library on your device.

Discover: touch the objects in the picture to find what hidden animations await. A button is available in this activity to show which objects are interactive.

Spot the Difference: two similar pictures are placed side by side; the child needs to find the differences. Stars are highlighted as each difference is found. If the child needs a little assistance in locating all of the differences, a button is available to show where the differences are located.

Addictive patterns: a pattern with a missing item is presented and the child needs to choose the item that completes the pattern. Four stages are available; stage 1 being easier than stage 4.

Add Fun: the child can complete simple addition problems. Objects are used to provide visuals to help the child in solving the math problem.

Take Away: similar to Add Fun, only the child will complete simple subtraction problems instead of addition.

Peppy music and scene related sounds add nicely to the overall environment, but can be muted on the main page. Play Zone is easy to use and intuitive, an in-app help is available throughout the app if needed.

The app does not contain in-app purchases, ads or social media buttons. It does contain a link to more apps which is available on the main page and is not protected. Ideally, this button would be moved to the information menu where the child would not have such easy access to it as it does cause the child to exit the app.

Bottom line

Play Zone provides diverse educational entertainment for young boys and girls.
Play Zone features four adorable and inspiring characters for boys and girls: Princess, Doctor, Athlete and Fire Fighter. Early learners immerse themselves in each of the zones to play 6 fun and educational activities per character.

Each character greets the early-learner with a dance and presents 6 fun and educational activities to choose from:

1) DRESS UP: Change outfits, accessories and add tools. This activity sparks the imagination and encourages creativity and role playing.

2) DISCOVER: Explore each zone to discover many hidden but engaging animations. This activity encourages exploration, develops and rewards inquisitive minds and reinforces cause-and-effect skills.

3) SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: Look at identical pictures and identify differences. This activity sharpens eye-hand coordination and enhances focus and attention to detail.

4) ADDICTIVE PATTERNS: Recognize and complete patterns using clothing items and tools. This activity uses logic, reasoning and boosts recognition.

5) ADD FUN: Learn and practice addition with interaction and fun visuals.

6) TAKE AWAY: Learn and practice subtraction with interaction and fun visuals.

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