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Pluto Learns Piano is a musical game where kids have fun and learn about music. Pluto is an adorable penguin that you will guide through the water following the correct notes; avoiding the wrong notes and all of the other obstacles, such as an octopus, rocks and even Santa and the elves, in the Christmas music.

The app is a free download with in-app purchases to purchase additional songs. However, the in-app purchases are not necessary, if you have the patience to earn enough stars by playing the games. If you choose to download songs through in-app purchases, this app could become rather expensive. The stars are fairly easy to earn. If you are not downloading the songs through in-app purchases, I would suggest turning that option off in your device settings.

There are two modes in which to earn stars; the game guiding Pluto through the water is one, and the other has you play the piano pressing the correct keys for the song. Instructions on how to play can be found in the settings, if needed. Both games require good hand-eye coordination. If you are like me and don’t have it, you will when you’re done! Free-play on the piano is allowed under the “My Piano” section.

Recommended ages for the app is 4+. Depending on your child, younger kids may become frustrated quickly with the difficulty of some songs.

Improvements that would make this a five star app are:

  • Change the color of the correct notes, in the swimming game, to something noticeably different from that of the incorrect ones; the current color shades are too similar, including that of the background;
  • Consider eliminating or increasing the width of the slider bar, in the swimming game;
  • Have all songs downloaded when the app is downloaded, then unlock the sets as you would levels on other games; frustrations ran high when the kids had to stop playing to download the next set;
  • Either create different levels of difficulty or have the songs be progressively more difficult as the game is played.

I understand changing how the songs are downloaded could affect the pricing, but I think most parents, after trying this app, would be willing to pay a few of dollars for a unique, well designed, high quality, kid-friendly app like this.

A separate iPhone app is available in the iTunes store. It is similar to the iPad version; only modified slightly to accommodate the smaller screen.


Bottom-line: Pluto Learns Piano is a fantastic app. We thoroughly enjoyed playing this one, so much so, I didn’t want to stop to make supper!
Play songs with Pluto and learn music along the way!

You’ll find tons of notes and fascinating animals as you guide Pluto through the ocean in your adventure to master the songs. Play all the correct notes, avoid the incorrect ones, and definitely stay away from the obstacles!

Once you have mastered a song, learn to play it on the piano included in the game!

Current songs include:
✭ Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ✭
✭ Old MacDonald Had a Farm ✭
✭ Oh! Susanna ✭
✭ The Wheels on the Bus ✭
✭ Swan Lake – Tchaikovsky ✭
✭ Cantata No. 147 – J.S. Bach ✭
✭ Ode To Joy – Beethoven ✭
✭ Minuet in A Major – Boccherini ✭
✭ Lullaby – Johannes Brahms ✭
✭ The Sailor’s Hornpipe ✭
✭ Gymnopédie No. 1 – Erik Satie ✭
✭ Sleeping Beauty – Tchaikovsky ✭

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