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Pooh’s Birthday Surprise is a great interactive book for preschoolers; though a little pricey even with all of the extras.

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Available on the App Store

This interactive book about a surprise party for Winnie the Pooh includes activities throughout that not only add to the child’s enjoyment, but are designed to teach a number of early learning concepts. Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger and the rest of Winnie the Pooh’s friends prepare for a surprise party for Pooh and your child can help.

Features include:

  • Interactive storybook
  • Learning activities
  • Text highlighting and narration
  • Parent’s section


Pooh’s Birthday Surprise is a high quality Disney Learning book app. It includes nice graphics, joyful music and professional grade narration. Options are available to mute the music, hide page arrows (young reader mode) and to turn narration off. The app is easy to navigate for all ages by using the page arrows or swipe, menu button and restart button.

Another great feature built into the app is the gentle guidance given when the user has not interacted with the app for a short period of time. Verbal and visual cues are used.

This app is universal and works well on the smaller screen devices, too.

Pooh’s Birthday Surprise has a number of features that extend the educational value of the app. Books in general are great learning tools, but this digital book includes multiple early childhood activities; such as size comparison, colors, matching, patterns, following directions, and reading comprehension to name a few. The app also includes a vocabulary feature where the child can touch the specially colored word to hear and see its definition.

The reading comprehension activity at the end of the story is worth mentioning as few book apps include this for such young children. The child’s comprehension is tested by having them match the character to what they brought to the party.

The activities included in the app are short, additional interactivity; the child won’t even notice that these are included for educational purposes.

If the narration option is on: text highlights in sync nicely with the narration, narration is clear and easy to understand; text can be touched to have narration repeated. Having the ability to repeat the narration is such a bonus when sharing a story with young kids.

Positive feedback and gentle guidance are given throughout the book and activities. The whole app leaves one feeling very happy, as you should after attending a surprise party.

The information section for parents provides great discussion questions and other do-it-together ideas and provides information on how to use the app.

While most of the activities included in Pooh’s Birthday Surprise are educational they also add to the entertainment value. The activities do a good job of keeping kids engaged during the story; activities such as the butterfly found on many of the pages is amusing to touch and watch it flutter. It adds a nice touch of cheeriness.

Pooh’s Birthday Surprise is a high quality app with short educational activities built into the story and it does have a good entertainment value; however, it is priced a bit high.

The target audience for Pooh’s Birthday Surprise is kids ages 3 to 5. The developers have done a good job making the app easy to use for those in that range. Kids will not have easy access to the limited number of external links; those are located on the parent’s information page.
Available on the App Store