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PowerSchool Parent is part of the suite of products by Pearson School Systems. This app provides parents the ability to perform the same tasks they currently do on the web-based PowerSchool student information system while on the go.

PowerSchool student information system provides parents with the ability to check attendance, school announcements, assignments, grades and scores, lunch transactions (if using PowerLunch Lunch Management System), fee transactions, and receive e-mail alerts for grades, attendance, etc., to name just a few.

The Parent app is highly customizable; allowing you to choose what information you want to display and how often you would like the information to sync. The in-app help appears to be very detailed and nicely organized.

All of your children are listed in one account, if in the same district; each has their own calendar, fee transactions, grades, etc.; or you can see an overview for your family by going to the family calendar and so on.

We were given access to a test account in order to perform this review. However, due to the fact that I cannot verify that the data I am seeing is what it should be I cannot give it a five-star rating.


There are a few requirements that must be met prior to you using the PowerSchool Parent app. Your school district must use PS 7.1 and the school must activate mobile services, enable parent access and single sign-on. You will also need to connect using an internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G).

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Apps for students and teachers are also available in iTunes.

Bottom line

PowerSchool Parent appears to be a great tool for parents. I could see it be very useful, especially at the middle and high school levels. Again, because I cannot vouch for the accuracy of student information I cannot give this app a five-star rating.

On January 17th Pearson launched two new apps: PowerSchool for Parents and PowerSchool for Students. Within 48 hours the student app landed at #4 in the iTunes Education App store (Free iPhone apps). Since that time, it has remained in the top 10.

Short demo video: http://goo.gl/XQQja

PowerSchool is the fastest growing, most widely used student information system supporting more than 10 million students in all 50 states and 65 countries.

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