Fretzel Safe Texting Kids App Review


The Fretzel Safe Texting Kids App is a great alternative for traditional texting.  With the Fretzel Safe Texting Kids App, parents can provide their child with a safe texting app that is designed for kids and can be monitored by parents.  This app was created for (and in collaboration with) kids ages 6 through 12 years old.  I thought that having an app like this may help some parents rest easier.

With Fretzel Safe Texting, kids can text with one friend or a group of friends all at once.  Kids can also add and remove friends easily, as well as leave conversations when ready.  Personalization is achieved through the use of customization options, including: font, font color, bubble color and profile image.  When parents want to check in, they can log into the parent admin dashboard and read chat logs, set usage limits, monitor for inappropriate language (content) as well as approve friend requests.  I want to mention that Fretzel complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, too!


The Fretzel Safe Texting Kids App provides a great alternative to traditional texting.  I personally do not have any children who are old enough to text, but can imagine how this app could come in handy.  I would recommend checking this app out if you have kids who are texting and you would like to be more “in the know”.