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As any parent of young kids knows, it is difficult to find a non-violent game, especially one with super heroes. Rhinomite is not only a non-violent game with a super hero; it is entertaining and educational, too.

While the main educational focus of the game is spatial prepositions such as under, over, beneath, around, through, left, right and so on, other topics like subtraction and getting kids used to looking in the upper-left as a starting point for reading text are cleverly included.

Parents and teachers may want to read the information provided in the Parents and Teachers section. Examples for using the app to help build the child’s vocabulary are included, as are applicable Common Core Standards.

An in-app tutorial is optional. The tutorial allows the user to practice the swiping motions required to make the super hero fly in the correct direction.

The overall look of the app is set in a retro style comic book design. While I like the concept, the graphics weren’t quite as refined as I was expecting from this developer. Graphics have been especially outstanding in their other apps. Rhinomite is easy to use for any age whether playing the game or checking out costume options in the headquarters.

Kids will have a high-flying time changing the super hero’s costume. Who knew a super hero could wear a leopard suit, roller skates, a sun hat and robot hands. Additional costume pieces can be purchased using Rhino coins collected during the game. Using the coins to purchase costumes is a great way for kids to use their math skills and it is displayed in a way that will aid the kids in easily performing the math required.

Rhinomite is an ideal learning environment. It does not include in-app purchases, ads, external links or social media. Here at BestAppsForKids.com we especially like apps that offer our kids a completely kid-safe environment to play in.

Bottom line

Rhinomite is an educational app where kids can fly like a super hero; not just any super hero, but a fashionable one, while learning a number of educational concepts in an entertaining and safe environment.
Rhinomite responds to countless requests from parents and teachers who have been searching children’s superhero games that engage a child’s quest for adventure, yet does so in a non-violent manner. This special game is designed for the whole family.

The character of Rhinomite is an absurdly heroic figure who offers children the drama of creating fanciful costumes, the exhilaration of pretending to fly, and the challenge of avoiding obstacles in this bustling city setting.

This games focuses on spatial prepositions such as Over, Under, Beneath, Around and Through which are important to early language learning, and later investigations in mathematics and physics. In Rhinomite these words are showcased in a style inspired by the flare of classic comic book superheroes. We also display pertinent numerical information as points are earned or traded in for costumes.

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