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Richard Galbraith’s Cartoon Workshop 1 is a digital “How to Draw” book. It is an iPad only app that provides visual step-by-step instructions for drawing cartoon characters. The app contains the lessons; actual drawing is done on paper.

Six cartoon themes are available in this app; 12 characters in each theme. Characters are broken into themes such as Simple, Heroes, Villains, Animals, Cute and Funky Food. A nice variety of characters are available. I have a child who loves elephants. We found two different elephants; one under Simple and another under Cute. Some characters are easier than others. You can choose any one to start with; no need to progress through levels of any kind. The instructions are easy to follow and make drawing all of the characters easy.

Not only are there instructions on how to draw the characters, but instructions on how changing the colors achieves varying results and how drawing eyebrows, eyes, noses and mouths can show different expressions.

Other than the positive reinforcement at the end of each lesson, there is no background music or narration. One thing I felt was missing were verbal instructions; verbal instructions, along with the visual, would be a great feature; or at least make it an option.

Richard’s cartoon workshop app is easy to use and intuitive. It could be used in schools or at home; for kids or adults. Just be sure to stock up on paper, pencils and erasers before starting.

If you would like more information about Richard or to try one of the lessons before downloading the app, go to http://dustydog.com.au/Index.html. A workshop 2 app is also available in iTunes.

Bottom line

For somebody who can’t draw more than stick people and animals, I was able to draw characters that looked almost as good as those in the instructions. If you like to draw or want to learn how to draw, then be sure to download this app!
Draw heroes, villains and much, much more. Just follow the simple steps, and you’ll soon be drawing like an expert! This app has 72 cool cartoons for you to draw.

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