Rose Milany at the Beach

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  • Rose Milany at the Beach
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Join Rose Milany on a trip to the beach and interact with her as she builds a sand castle, collects sea shells, and enjoys other beach-related activities.

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Rose Milany is your typical kid and, like most kids, she enjoys going to the beach during the summer. In Rose Milany at the Beach she invites kids to join her on her trip to the beach and interact with her as she enjoys beach-related activities, such as building a sand castles and collecting sea shells. Along the way, she also introduces them to some cute beach creatures. This beach-themed story combines a likable main character with short sentences to create a fun summer read for kids.

Features include:

  • Interactive illustrations
  • Narrated story
  • Fun games
  • Available in three languages


Rose Milany is French, which means kids might have some trouble understanding her, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be friends. That’s how Rose Milany introduces herself at the beginning of this animated story. It also understands why, when kids open the app for the first time, they may not understand any of the words they see – they’re all in French too. Kids can change the language by tapping on the languages button – the app is available in English, French, and Spanish. Once they’ve chosen their preferred language, kids can get started with the book. The main screen features clearly-labeled icons that direct kids to the story and the related games. They’ll also find icons for the credits and a help section which highlights the different icons used to move about the app and briefly summarizes each of the games kids can play.


The story features very short scenes and simple sentences, which makes it great for early readers. While the text isn’t highlighted, it is narrated clearly and displayed in small chunks on the screen, making it easy for kids to follow along. After reading the story, kids can also play games related the story. The Memoread game asks kids to identify objects used in the story, while The Stickers activity has kids place pictures in a rebus-style version of the story. Both activities help build comprehension and get kids more involved in the story.


Thanks to the interactive illustrations, kids will also find the story to be very entertaining. Each short scene is accompanied by a screen where kids can uncover creatures and help Rose Milany complete activities. They can pick up sea shells, find a crab, and even turn on the shower so she can wash off after a day at the beach. After reading the story, kids can continue the fun by playing three mini games and by listening to a song about Rose Milany.


The app is priced comparably to other interactive eBooks for kids and offers a lot of features to help justify the price. It’s definitely a great read for kids, particularly during the summer.

Child Friendliness

Unfortunately, developers did not spend as much time on the child friendliness portion of the app. In the credits section, the app contains unprotected links to social media and to the developer’s website. All of the content in the story, however, is appropriate for children, although more conservative parents may not appreciate Rose Milany’s skimpy swim suits in some of the scenes.

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Join Rose Milany on a trip to the beach and interact with her as she builds a sand castle, collects sea shells, and enjoys other beach-related activities.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars