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  • Saber-Tooth Trap
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Another great storybook app from Oceanhouse Media that teaches children about a few prehistoric animals including the saber-tooth tiger.

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Saber-Tooth Trap is a unique app that will take readers on a ride to the Ice Ages to meet a ferocious saber-tooth tiger who is searching for lunch and is confronted with a potential trap that could be difficult to get out of. This ebook from Oceanhouse Media has all of the wonderful features that you might expect with narration, tap and touch words etc., along with some great educational info about animals from a very long time ago. This app is great for children of all ages.

Features include:

  • Text highlighting
  • Narration options
  • Voice record


Like many of the Oceanhouse Media apps, this digital story book is full of professional illustrations and fun sound effects that add to the overall story. The narration options and word association allow children to follow along and tap and touch various images to learn new words easily and the text highlighting makes it easy for early readers to read along. Once again the developers have created a high quality and easy to use storybook app that children will love.


Saber-Tooth Trap is a great app to teach children about animals that existed ages ago. This particular story is about one Saber-tooth tiger who is searching for food and encounters a potentially deadly tar trap that he must avoid. The rest of the story includes fun facts about saber-tooth tigers, their teeth, and what they eat that is interesting for children.

In addition to the subject-matter in this app, children can also practice their reading skills as they following along with the text highlighting or read to themselves. By tapping and touching various illustrations and images, children are also exposed to new words along with various definitions that appear at the end of the app. The voice record option is also great for children who need practice reading aloud. With this tool, they can read the story out loud and listen to the recording to see what words they may have trouble with.


While there are no specific entertainment activities in this app, the story is interesting and includes prehistoric animals that children will love. The narration, sound effects, and tap/touch word association also help to keep children engaged. With that said, it would be nice to have an additional activity to add to the entertainment for children.


Priced at just under three dollars, this app is slightly lower than some of the other Oceanhouse Media apps which is great. It still has all the great audio, narration, and word association features that parents and children love. For such a great price and high quality features, this app is a great value!

Child Friendliness

Parents will be happy to know that this app is easy to use and great for children. With narration options and text highlighting, children of all ages can enjoy the story whether they are reading or not and the auto play also makes it easy for young children to enjoy it without having to turn the page which is nice. Aside from the easy to use interface, it is also completely safe. There are some advertisements for other apps by Oceanhouse Media on the main page, but they are protected so parents don’t have to worry about children getting into areas they shouldn’t be.

Another great storybook app from Oceanhouse Media that teaches children about a few prehistoric animals including the saber-tooth tiger.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars