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Practice counting, color, and sorting skills with Safari School, a basic early learning app for kids.

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All aboard! Leo the Cat and his friends are ready to take kids on an early learning journey. Safari School is an early learning app designed for kids ages 3-6. The educational activities within the app focus on basic early learning concepts. These include recognizing shapes, colors, and numbers. As kids travel along the track, they’re given the chance to complete different activities. As they do, they earn coins to receive sweet rewards.

Features include:

  • Content organized by age bands 3-4, 4-5, and 5-6
  • Basic early learning games for kids
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Non-verbal instructions


Safari School is an animated app for kids. It features a train that follows a standard track. Different activities appear along the track and a candy counter appears at the top. The app is fairly easy for kids to interact with. Nonverbal clues, such as a moving hand, guide kids as they play. In general, the components of the app move smoothly. However, when it comes to moving characters around at the station and putting coins in the candy machine, it may be a bit difficult for kids to touch and slide the correct objects.


The app focuses on fairly basic early learning concepts. For most activities, kids are asked to sort different objects into train cars. They may sort the objects by shape or color. Each car is labeled with what goes in it. Kids must look at the pictures carefully to make sure they’re putting the right objects into the cars. Once they do, the train chugs along. It should be noted that while the activities in the app are designed for ages 3-6, many of them are fairly basic. The app is better suited for the younger end of the age range. It may also be good for kids who have struggled to learn basic concepts.


Kids will be attracted to Safari School because of the moving train and characters that appear within the app. They’ll also be entertained by the activities and the ability to earn virtual candy. However, because the activities are generally the same throughout the app, kids may not stay engaged with the app for more than a round or two at a time.


The app is free to download and offers basic learning activities for kids. For kids who need more practicing with counting, sorting, and learning their colors, it’s worth a download.

Child Friendliness

A protected parent area can be found in the left-hand corner of the manin screen. The section requires parents to sign up with Facebook to access it. Once they do, parents can view general information page about the app and its developer. Parents can also send developers a code through Facebook Messenger to receive weekly progress reports. However, these may not be necessary, as the content in the app is fairly simplistic. Within the app itself, kids can access the settings screen. This screen allows them to select the age range and language. Some parents may not like that kids are rewarding with virtual candy during the game.

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Practice counting, color, and sorting skills with Safari School, a basic early learning app for kids.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars