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Sam Phibian is a cute, fun game that combines a little math and a little silliness. What is standout about this game is that it’s FREE, but doesn’t look like it. Many free apps, even for kids, are full of ads and paid upgrades at every touch – Sam Phibian is just a great free app with no “gotchas”.

The game is simple – just catch the correct number of bugs for Sam’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. Don’t catch too many or he’ll get too big for his lilly pad. You’ll also see other things in the sky above Sam – like chili peppers, planes, jets and underpants – you’re not supposed to catch these, but it’s fun when you do.

The home screen isn’t intuitive for non-readers, which this app targets. There are several ways around this like making the play button stand out or providing verbal or visual clues. I also found the game play a little slow and a little repetitive with little in the way of incentives.

This FREE app is a cute, fun game with a little math thrown in.
Sam Phibian makes counting fun.

Sam Phibian can only make it through the day by counting the bugs he eats. Eating too many bugs–or eating the silly things in his swamp that aren’t bugs at all–will cause Sam to grow too big for his lily pad!

Sam Phibian combines attractive graphics, fun game play, and just the right amount of absurdity to create an interactive experience that makes counting practice engaging for young (and old!) learners.