Save Time, Money, and Stress: Back-To-School Clothes Shopping Tips

The thought of back-to-school clothes shopping is one that sends chills down many parents’ spines. Rather than dreading clothes shopping this year and feeling super-stressed as it is happening, use the following tips to make the process easier on yourself. Your schedule and your wallet will thank you!

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Look Through The Closets

Look through your children’s closets before you go shopping. Give away or donate what doesn’t fit anymore, and look for versatile items that are easy to mix and match. Once you’ve taken inventory, you’ll have a much better idea of what you need to purchase.

Create A Master Plan

Write out a master shopping list that includes sections for each child. Talk to the younglings about what they want and what brands they like, and feel free to make budget trade-offs. For example, if one member of your brood wants a more expensive pair of shoes, shop for cheaper backpacks and clothing items.

Shop Online

Be sure to look for what the kids want online and compare them to store prices. You may also want to use assorted apps, such as Retail Me Not, to score amazing deals. Shopping online saves lots of time in addition to helping you sidestep back-to-school madness at your local mall. is always a great resource for finding favorite brands, as is If concerned about fit, keep in mind many online clothing stores have fantastic return policies. For example, has a 365-day return policy.

Try Multiple Trips

Shop with each child one-on-one. Yes, you will be hitting the neighborhood mall several times, however giving your children undivided shopping attention actually makes the trip easier…and shorter. Besides, your children will love shopping with only you and having lunch, especially before they embark on a new school year and will not see you as much.

Shop In The Off-Season

Shop for clothes off-season to take advantage of amazing deals. For example, cold weather must-haves such as coats, gloves, boots, sweaters, and hats go on sale as winter ends. Purchase clothes ahead of time to save money and aggravation in the weeks leading up to school starting.

Look For Awesome Deals

Teach your children a thing or five about budgeting when back-to-school shopping, such as clipping coupons, looking for promo codes, shopping on tax-free days, using cash instead of credit cards, and checking assorted flyers. Signing up for retail store email lists is another way to enjoy exclusive deals and promotions.

Keep these tips in mind to make back-to-school shopping a raging success!