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Explore the realm of ocean animals with the Sea Animals HD interactive picture book app for iPad. Introduce your child to the real Mumble and Nemo with this kid friendly app, approved by the developers’ children and built with the help of an elementary school teacher.

Educational Double Duty
This flip book style app is populated with 20 bright drawings of popular sea animals. From a purely educational stand point, this app is a great way to introduce toddlers and other young children to the names of these creatures, from dolphins and whales to shrimp, sea lions and penguins.

Each image has the name of the animal rendered at the bottom of the screen. A simple touch of the name cues one of the app’s narrators to read the name aloud. Touching the picture plays an actual recording of the animal itself, even the fish!
In this way children receive audible, written and visual educational reinforcement. Not to mention the pictures and sounds are quite fun.

As an added perk the app supports four different languages (English, Portuguese, German and French). So an older child might enjoy using this app as a way to learn new words in a different language.

Three Ways to Play

Sea Animals HD breaks the app in to three different sections. Use the Animals tab to scroll through images and hear each animal’s audio. A special quiz section challenges young ones to pair animals with the sounds they make, which can be quite challenging.
Or if your child loves puzzles they will appreciate the Flip Book section of Sea Animals HD, where they can mix and match parts of each image to their heart’s content.

A Couple Concerns

Parents will want to note the small developer link on the app’s home page that leads to additional titles from Breek. I find that a bit inappropriate for an application geared towards young children.
Also, the Sea Animals HD app costs $3.99. That’s a bit steep for a simple picture book. The quiz and additional language options pick up some slack with the price but it’s still a surprise.


Sea Animals HD is a high quality picture book with two in-app games and multi-language support. If the price was a bit lower it might warrant a higher rating.

Explore a wonderful interactive picture word book showing the names of animals in four languages with the sounds they make, a quiz, and a flipbook game. “Sea Animals” offers an interactive approach that’s both fun and stimulating.

Toddlers can use it like a traditional picture book. Older children can discover a second or third language in an entertaining way.


  • – 20 high-quality drawings
  • – 17 real sounds of animals and fishes*, pleasant for children
  • – 4 languages (English, French, German, Portuguese)
  • – Quiz with Images & sounds
  • – Flip-book with images & sounds
  • – Names clearly written out, read in a child’s or mother’s voice
  • – Names, sounds and voices (de)activatable
  • – Interface optimized for iPad™
  • – Mac OSX™ version now available!
  • – iPhone™ 4, 3Gs version available in a few days

* contrary to popular belief, fishes are chatty! All the sounds in this app are genuine and come from known laboratories (sources detailed in the credits.