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Find out what happens after the tortoise beats the hare in this cute interactive ebook that has Sheldon, the tortoise, trying to save his trophy.

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The traditional story of “The Tortoise and the Hare” gets a makeover in Sheldon’s Bedtime Stories: The Golden Trophy. However, this story doesn’t cover the infamous race between the two creatures. Instead, it picks up after the story, as Sheldon works to protect his hard-earned trophy. Kids must interact with Sheldon, his friends, and the other elements of the story to keep it moving along and help save Sheldon’s trophy from the hares. Whether it’s racing with Sheldon through the forest or digging into the ground to capture the trophy from moles, kids will enjoy helping Sheldon out on this journey.

Features include:

  • Interactive story scenes
  • 2 Mini Games
  • Beautiful artwork
  • 10 different languages


The Golden Trophy offers the look and feel of a traditional picture book coupled with interactive updates. Kids will delight in the beautiful illustrations which transport them to Sheldon’s home and introduce them to his many friends. As they meet the various characters and view the nine different scenes, kids will also get a chance to interact with them, receiving a response from the narrator, hearing another satisfying sound, or seeing a piece of the scenery move to reward their touch.


All of the interactive elements work together to provide a highly entertaining experience for kids. While the story itself is fairly short and may not have the ending kids expect, it gives kids a chance to get involved. In many places, the story does not progress unless kids tap on various elements in the scene. For example, kids must tap on the sun to turn the day into night to move from an outdoor scene to a scene in Sheldon’s bedroom. They must also tap to help Sheldon escape the hares after he retrieves his stolen trophy. These interactive elements, as well as two mini games, will keep kids interested.


Parents will be hard pressed to find a story with the same quality of animations and interactive elements for less than this story about Sheldon and his trophy. Even after reading the story once, kids will want to go back again to try to save Sheldon’s trophy, and will find themselves entertained by the mini games.

Child Friendliness

Parents can choose to have the story read in one of 10 different languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, and Russian. They also have the ability to turn the story’s subtitles on or off. Access to settings requires parents to press and hold the buttons for a length of time, preventing most kids from changing these options on their own.

Find out what happens after the tortoise beats the hare in this cute interactive ebook that has Sheldon, the tortoise, trying to save his trophy.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars