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Sliding Sam is like a combination between games like Angry Birds and Cut The Rope, and drawing games like, Line Rider and Go Car Go. Like those apps, this app will appeal to different ages from preschool to adult – and be a good all round family game. Although, there is Facebook on the home screen, we are still including the app as we consider this a general audience app, and therefore not specifically targeting kids. That being said, I would like to see this removed to be truly family friendly.

The goal of the game, apart from fun, is to draw lines to get the penguin Sam, to his sweetheart. Without realizing it, kids can learn physics concepts such as velocity, speed, acceleration, deceleration, momentum, and force. It’s also just a great little brain teaser.

With 80 levels, there is plenty to keep coming back to, however if a player gets stuck there might not be enough incentive to keep coming back. Now I will admit, that I got stuck on level 16. This either means that it can be a bit complex for younger children or, more likely, my brain is showing it’s age. The point is, unlike some games, I didn’t feel quite as compelled to beat the level and continue with the game. But I haven’t given up yet….

Sliding Sam is optimized for iPhone and iPod, but looks good scaled up to fit the iPad. Achievements and Leaderboards are integrated through Game Center.

Bottom line

Sliding Sam is a fun, physics based game for all ages preschool and older, but be careful of the Facebook link on the home page.
Want to play a fun game with a unique gameplay? Meet Sam the penguin! He wants to join his girlfriend but he is far away from her. Luckily you can help him! Use your finger to draw the lines on which Sam will slide to reach her. Use your agility and the physics of the game to avoid the obstacles, take the boosts and get a kiss as a reward!

Regarding the audience, the fun fact is that even not designed at first for kids, all the children of my friends (from 3 to 18 years) cannot stop playing this game, a lot more than the parents themselves Regular Price: $0.99

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