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Sneaky Sam is lovely, family-friendly entertainment for all ages. It is a high quality app with a lot to offer at a reasonable price.

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Available on the App Store

Sneaky Sam is an entertaining story about a little boy who can be a bit mischievous at times. This high quality app has a lot to offer and is a good value.

Features include:

  • Two reading options – Read to Me and Read by Myself
  • Three activities – stickers, match game and finding Sam
  • Text highlighting and narration of the story
  • Lots of surprises


Sneaky Sam is a fantastic app made for kids. They will love the high-end illustrations that are a bit quirky, but fun; characters that are adorable, bubbly music and many interactive objects that add to the fun, but do not distract from the story.

The app is easy for kids to navigate on their own or with limited assistance. Text is easy to read and placed so that it does not interfere with the reader’s ability to interact with the objects. Narration is easy to understand and entertaining to listen to.
This app is a good book for readers and non-readers as text is highlighted at a good pace with the narration. Narration can be repeated multiple times, as can the interactive objects.

The activities could also be used for various educational purposes; such as having a child use the sticker activity to create a story of their own and then tell you about it.
Due to the fact that it offers multiple entertainment opportunities, this app will entertain just about anyone for a good amount of time.

A child can choose to read the story themself, have the story read to them, or just page through and play with the many interactive objects.

Maybe the child isn’t interested in a story, but rather looking for entertainment through activities. The app has three activities for the child to choose from; stickers, a match card game and a hide and seek game.

In the stickers activity, kids can choose from multiple stickers and backgrounds and then share their creation through e-mail or saving it to the device Photos directory. The ability to move the stickers around would be a great feature in a future app update.

The match card game uses cards with characters or objects from the story. Object appropriate sounds are included and add nicely to the game.

Also using characters from the story is the Find Sam activity where you will need to touch the objects on the screen until you find where Sam is hiding.
This is not just a book app; it is loaded with kid-friendly entertainment. The app includes two reading options, many things to interact with during the story, and three activities. All of that wrapped up into a charming environment.
All external links are on the information menu and the app does not contain social media, ads, or in-app purchases. Bravo, another kid-friendly app for your family!

Available on the App Store