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Spider-Man AR Book HD is an augmented reality book app released just in time to coincide with the new Spiderman movie in theaters this summer. The book’s interactive features and spider-related games will appeal to any and all Spiderman fans.

This app contains a book based on the new movie, complete with still photos from the film. Kids can read on their own, or have the narrator read it to them. The app features a “young reader” mode, with arrows to turn the pages instead of swiping. The book also has an auto-turn option if the reader wants a more movie-like experience.

The narration is nicely paced and the movie photos give the book vivid visual appeal. Interspersed within the pages of the book are opportunities to interact with the story. These mostly consist of lining your face up with the camera and wearing Spiderman’s mask or his dad’s glasses. These are pretty good effects, although getting the camera to line up can be tedious and may frustrate younger kids. The reader can also experience “spider-sense”, which consists of half the Spiderman mask flashing across the reader’s face with the rest of the picture becoming discolored. I wasn’t really impressed with this particular component. The images from all these interactions can be saved or emailed, and are sure to prove entertaining.

In addition to these extras, there are also a couple of mini-games within the book. But be warned – if you dislike spiders, this is not the app for you. Readers can create a photo badge of themselves, cut webs to try and drop swinging spiders into a container, and smash spiders as they crawl over their own face! These games are easy to play and entertaining for the reader – as long as they don’t mind creepy-crawly things!

A pop-up menu bar across the bottom of the screen allows for easy navigation of the app, and the reader is able to listen to or mute the background music, sound effects, and narration. The text is a good length and advanced enough for older kids, but the narration also makes it accessible for younger kids. I had no major problems with operation of the app, which is impressive considering the amount of content and animation. As stated, lining up the camera was a bit difficult at times, and the games were not always as responsive to my touch as I would have liked. But overall, it performed well, with no freezing or crashes.

The app is rated 4+ in the app store, but parents should be aware that the story does contain references that include bullying, fighting, the death of a character, and a kiss – pretty typical comic book content. However, the violence isn’t overly explicit, the language and images are not inappropriate, and there are no social media links included within the app. Please also note that a forward facing camera is needed in order to use all the interactive features.

The Bottom Line

Spider-Man AR Book HD is an entertaining app, offering a narrated interactive book and related games. Spiderman fans will find plenty of enjoyment in exploring the contents of this movie-based augmented reality book. *Amazing Augmented Reality brings the Spider-Man story to life!

*Interact in the real world with on-screen elements!

*Experience Peter Parker’s transformation first-hand through games, exciting activites and more!

Peter Parker is just an average kid at Midtown Science High. He likes photography, has a crush on cheerleader Gwen Stacy, and is often bullied by star athlete Flash Thompson. But after discovering his father’s old briefcase, he begins a journey that will unlock the secrets of his past and shape his future. After a visit to Oscorp, Peter is accidentally bitten by a strange spider. Now, he has the ability to cling to ceilings, walk on walls, and leap great distances! Peter uses his new superpowers to become the Amazing Spider-Man and protect all of New York City!

Interactive Augmented Reality lets YOU become part of the story:

•SPIDEY MASK: Put on an augmented reality Spider-Man mask!

•GLASSES: Put on Peter’s Father’s augmented reality glasses!

•OSCORP BADGE: Make your own augmented reality badge!

•JAR OF SPIDERS: Collect augmented reality spiders in a jar!

•SPIDEY-SENSE: Become Spider-Man by experiencing his Spidey-Sense!

•SAVE & EMAIL these PHOTOS to your friends and family!

Featuring interactive art, photos, and activities directly from and inspired by the blockbuster film!

See and experience Spider-Man like you never have before…

Coming Soon: French, Italian, German, Castilian Spanish, Dutch, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese Mandarin, Korean, and Russian Language Audio and Text!

Please note: You need a forward facing camera to enjoy some of the games. If you are experiencing any problems, don’t hesitate to contact customer care at 877-662-3769 or memberservices@disneydigitalbooks.com