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Find yourself wondering what in the world a squeeble is? Well, I’m not exactly sure either, but I can tell you that squeebles are adorable little characters who like to have fun while helping kids learn and they can be found in the Spelling: Squeebles Words app. Three of the squeeble characters were designed by kids through a contest held by the developer.

Squeebles apps are a series of educational apps for kids; while the other apps cover various math topics this one is for improving spelling skills.

Spelling: Squeebles Words is a spelling app that allows parents and teachers to easily manage an unlimited number of customized tests and users. The app also includes a game as a reward for the kids. No need to worry kids will skip the educational part and head straight to the game. The game cannot be played without first completing a test AND the game can only be played for a short while before the kids will need to earn more play time.

Pre-defined lists are not included with the app. Prior to handing the app to the kids, whether at home or school, some set up is needed. Many options are available as you enter users and word lists. Set up is a breeze and is done in the Parents Zone. Many options are available, such as keyboard type (upper or lower case), language (U.K. English or U.S. English), length of time the word is displayed before child moves on to spelling it (2 seconds, etc.). A customized congratulatory message can be recorded for each user to hear when they complete a quiz successfully. Stats for each user can be viewed from within the app.

Each word will need to be typed and recorded as it is entered into the spelling test. Words can be case sensitive. Lists can be sorted by test name or date and can be searched. Once a list is entered users can be assigned to or removed from the list easily.

Kids are able to take specific or random tests or be tested on their tricky words list. The tricky words list contains those words they have misspelled on previous tests. When the tricky word is spelled correctly it is then removed from the tricky words list.

The whole premise of this adorable app is the Spelling Snake has taken a number of squeebles hostage and will not release them until kids complete spelling tests. Kids earn stars, power-ups and more for the game while completing their tests. The object of the game is to see how far you can fling the squeeberang riding squeeble. A squeeberang is a boomerang type object. The more the kids spell, the more they earn!

In-app instructions are available as needed throughout the app. The app is intuitive and easy to navigate regardless of the task you are performing; however, parents should note that there is a fair amount of text for the young users to read while completing the tests and playing the game. If your users are not proficient readers someone will need to be available for assistance. Having a narration option is important in apps for kids of this age group. Something as simple as having the child touch the text to hear it is acceptable.

Spelling: Squeebles Words is 100% kid-safe! Kudos to the developer! We wish there were more developers that understood how important this is. This app does not have any in-app purchases, ads, external links or social media buttons.

Bottom line

An engaging spelling app specifically designed for customized lists only, allows for an unlimited number of lists and users. Spelling: Squeebles Words is well suited for home or school. Fantastic price considering all of the features and functionality included in this universal app.

Aimed at 6 to 11 year olds, Squeebles Spelling is a spelling app which allows parents and teachers to set up completely customised tests for their children. As well as allowing parents to record the words their children need to spell in their own voice, it features a cast of fun characters, a mini game that children get to play as a reward for doing well in their spellings, the ability to add unlimited player accounts and much more.

The Squeebles apps have been featured on BBC Radio, in the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Observer, PC Advisor and on many app review sites across the internet. Squeebles Times Tables has been the number 1 children’s educational app in the UK for the past month.

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