Star Galaxy - Douglas Kim

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Star Galaxy is a cute game that both kids and adults will enjoy. Just catch the cute little stars as they fall and swipe same color combos for bonus points. You also have friends in the sky that will restore your health (sun) and remove clouds (rain drops) – but don’t touch the fiery meteor of you’ll lose energy.

It’s such a cute little app with pleasant music and great graphics, I really enjoyed playing it as well as my 7 year old. The one thing I didn’t like was the full screen promo for Open Feint. As I mentioned in a previous review, I find it irritating as a adult and inappropriate for children. The option of online gaming and leaderboards may be appealing, and this incorporates both Open Feint and Game Center, but I feel it should be kept in the background for apps where kids are a major part of the audience.

Bottom-line: Very enjoyable & cute, but why promote online gaming so prominently?

Twinkle stars that light up the night sky is in danger of fading away as the morning is approaching. You have to save the starry friends from disappearing by safely collecting them. There are enemies and obstacles in the sky that will try to stop you. But don’t let that scare you. You have other friends who will help you along the way.

Star Galaxy is all about saving precious little stars! Tap away at the stars and score points.

Score huge points by mastering combos. Avoid dangerous situations by using special power-ups. It gets progressively difficult as you advance up the levels though. You will need to be quick and nimble to succeed. It has beautiful graphics that your kids will be sure to love and enjoy. Also, compete against your friends over OpenFeint and Game Center’s 2 leaderboards. Gather achievement points by completing various goals (21 achievements).

It’s fun for all ages and even adults can enjoy it without feeling guilty 😉