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This spelling app designed for kids in kindergarten through second grade contains a number of important features minus the cute and adorable characters older kids may not appreciate.

Word lists consist of Dolch high frequency words and more. Word lists can be viewed at http://star-speller.com, printable progress charts for parents and teachers are also available. Thirty word lists, with 10 words each, can be used in two games or a flashcard mode.

The two games Challenge Speed – Reading Power and Challenge Speed – Spelling Power are timed while they challenge kids to improve their spelling and reading skills. Reading Power presents three words and kids need to choose a specific one. Spelling Power presents letters to be used in the spelling of a specific word. Unfortunately, words are not used in a sentence. Using words in a sentence is important in building vocabulary and word association or when the word is a homophone. In the spelling game, the correct spelling of the missed word is provided.

Stars are awarded as words are completed. If a player gets all 10 words correct they receive three stars, get less than seven words correct and receive a half star.

Flashcard mode shows one word from the list at a time and kids swipe to go to the next. Narration of the word is not available in this mode.

Options for the games are available in the settings menu as are options to clear all scores and mute the audio instructions.

Star Speller is a universal app; however, it does not utilize the larger screen of the iPad very well. The display is not as crisp and clear when in zoom mode. The app does not contain in-app purchases, external links, social media or ads; completely kid-safe, our favorite kind!

This spelling app does not provide progress tracking, the ability to add customized lists, multiple user profiles or other features available in the higher priced spelling apps. It provides the basic features one would expect in an app at this price and it does it well.

Bottom line

Star Speller, a spelling app for kids in kindergarten through second grade, has two games and a flashcard mode. Reasonably priced considering the features and content it offers.

Spelling and Reading Games for Kids

Star Speller word lists are developed by teachers for Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade students. The lists are drawn from Dolch high frequency words, district lists, and a few “fun” words to keep them fresh. Sharing similar patterns, words are grouped by increasing complexity. (Visit Star-Speller.com to view the word lists.)

There are two games, Reading Power and Spelling Power. Players have a limited amount of time to either “touch” or “spell” the word they hear. Parents/Teachers can adjust the games’ “Challenge Speed” from the Settings screen.

The player’s high score for each game is represented on the Home Screen with stars.

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