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Another great Stella and Sam app that will inspire the little musician in your home to create their own musical masterpiece!

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Stella and Sam Halloween Band is another great Halloween themed app featured in our At-A-Glance: Halloween Apps For Kids post that will inspire children to use their musical imaginations as they play along with the characters included. With a variety of sounds, animations, and great illustrations this app is simple and lots of fun.

Features include:

  • 6 Different instrument sounds
  • Wonderful illustrations
  • Fun Halloween theme


If you have seen any of the other Stella and Sam apps you know they are full of high quality illustrations and animations. Stella and Sam Halloween Band is no different as it offers a cute theme with a moon that howls, a bat that flies around the sky, and a little spider that will switch the characters around. The easy to use interface is also great for young children as it allows a simple tap and touch function to change instruments and to customize the music.


This app is not being reviewed for education.


For children who love music and musical apps this one is great. Not only are there 6 different instruments to play with the band, but users can actually manipulate the volume and speed of the band music by moving the characters from side to side or up and down. If they want to take a particular character out of the music for a moment, they can tap the character twice and their musical contribution will be muted. As children are using their musical creativity to make their own beautiful music, they can also tap and touch the other various illustrations to hear some eery Halloween howls and screams that add a ton of character to this app.


Priced at just under two dollars Stella and Sam Halloween Band is a very good deal. Not only do children have the opportunity to use their creativity in a free-play musical setting, but they have a variety of sounds and instruments to try out as well. For the musician in your home this app could easily become a favorite especially around this time of year.

Child Friendliness

Parents can rest assured knowing that this app is not only easy to use but also safe. With no social media links or in-app purchases, children can play and create music until their heart is content without getting unnecessarily distracted. There is a link to another Stella and Sam app on the main page that is protected so parents can rest assured knowing that children will be safe playing this app.

Another great Stella and Sam app that will inspire the little musician in your home to create their own musical masterpiece!

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars