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Please note: This app is intended for a wide age range, and therefore does include the ability to share via Twitter. Please take this into consideration before introducing the app to a younger audience.

Sticky Words is an app designed for word play. It is based on the idea of a refrigerator full of magnetic words – complete with a slightly rusted old-style icebox as the background image upon which words can be arranged! It is a fun, unique, and tactile word experience suitable for kids and adults of all ages – and it’s free (for now – get it soon!)

The app comes loaded with a large set of magnetic words to choose from. You select your words from the magnet box in the sidebar, which can be arranged either in an alphabetic list, or a deliciously messy pile of random words. Simply drag your word choices onto the refrigerator, where you can move or spin your choices to your heart’s content (Hint: Tap the word first to make spinning easier). This is a fantastic way to create messages for friends, write poetry, or do educational word sorts. Younger kids can easily manage the drag and drop magnets, and older kids and adults will likely find this to be much more engaging than simple pen and paper word play.

As if Sticky Words wouldn’t already be a fabulous app, it also comes with a variety of extremely useful extra features. Want to add a name, or the app doesn’t have a word you need? No problem! Simply tap the plus button in the magnet box & you can type in the name or word you want to use. The background image can be changed to a different refrigerator style, a solid color, or an image from your photo album.

Once you have a finished product, you have the option of saving it as an image or sharing via email or Twitter. The app also saves all magnet boards until you choose to delete them, allowing for multiple projects to be in progress at the same time. In addition, the title of the magnet board is easy to change in the settings section. The only thing missing, as far as I can see, is the ability to stylize the magnets with color and font choices, and the ability to permanently save created words to the master list.

Bottom Line

This app appears to be all positives and almost no negatives. It is easy to use, entertaining, educational, and allows for creative expression in all age groups.
Free for a very limited time!

Poetry with magnets and YOUR photos!
Make your own poetry creations by sliding words across the screen!

* Create fun captions for your photos with word magnets. Be funny, or artsy, or both!
* Share your creations via email or Twitter, or save them to your photo album.
* Find words two ways: dig through the magnet box, or pick from an alphabetical list.
* You can even make your own words!
* Magnets rotate with two fingers. Tap on a magnet to make it easier to rotate!
* Retina Display-ready.