Sugar Skull Coloring Pages to Have Scary-but-Beautiful Pictures

Free Skull Coloring Pages

Sugar skull coloring pages are available largely for those who love it. You know that in western culture, sugar skull is very famous. Many people from western cultures use it for tattoos, jewelry, clothes, or graffiti. Although sugar skulls associate with something dark and death, many people love it. What do you know about sugar skull? It is originally from Mexico. Mexican celebrate the day of the dead people on the first and second of November. People start to celebrate it on the 31 of October. If you are in Mexico during the celebration, you may go to cemeteries and see sugar skulls that are used to decorate dead people’s gravestones.

Sugar skull is made from clay-molded sugar completed with foils, icing, beads, and feathers. You may think that this kind of skull is not scary judging from the material it is made from. When people celebrate the dead people, on the forehead part of the sugar skull, they have to write the dead person’s relative names. The sugar skull then should be put on an altar together with candles, deceased favorite food and drinks, and Marigold—the flower for the dead. These things are used to guide the dead to come back to the earth.

The sugar skull can be small for dead children, and can be bigger for the dead adult. Have you ever heard about this? Nowadays, skulls can also mean reborn, higher level of conscience, and other positive meanings defined by people who love it. This is why many people love to use pictures of skull or sugar skulls to live their life. For those who love coloring, sugar skulls can be very interesting and challenging. It takes creativity and persistence to color sugar skulls, especially the ones full with ornaments. Take printable pictures of sugar skulls from sugar skull coloring pages and color them.

Important Coloring Supplies

Coloring can be hours of fun and creating beautiful works of art is all about being prepared. For a great day of coloring, here is our shortlist of supplies you want to have on hand.

Ideas to color sugar skulls to be used for tattoos:

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  • Consider a sugar skull for tattoos with black ornaments and black flowers
  • Consider a sugar skull for tattoos with red love-shaped eyes and green leaves around the skull
  • Consider a couple of young sugar skulls with great black hair with flower for the young woman and a hat for the young man.
    Ideas to color sugar skulls to be used for clothes and faces:
  • Consider a sexy costume for women in pastel color with pastel-color flowers for the hair, red color flowers for the bra, white mini skirt, and pink and black color for their face. The face is put on make up to become a skull with love-shape, arrow shape, and flower-shape.
  • Consider a cowboy costume for a couple with skull mask for the man completed with vest and hat, and black flower for the woman. The woman’s face also is decorated in such away like a skull
  • Consider a woman with make up for her half face. The black and white colors for face really make the face look interesting and scary at the same time. It is interesting since the other half of a beautiful face can be seen clearly.
    Don’t forget about the tools for coloring detail sugar skull. These tools will help you get a great picture of sugar skull that you can use for many purposes.

The tools for coloring:

  • Brush pens
  • Color pencils
  •  Crayons
  • Sharpies
  • Sketch markers

Don’t you think it’s interesting to have sugar skulls in your body or favorite things? It is hoped that this article about sugar skull coloring pagescan broaden your knowledge.

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Sugar Skull Coloring Pages to Have Scary-but-Beautiful Pictures
Written by: Jack Best
Sugar Skull Coloring Pages to Have Scary-but-Beautiful Pictures
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