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In Take Me Home you’ll embark on an intergalactic journey of phenomenal proportions as you lead the adorable alien, Neelo, back home. Utilizing in-app physics, movable parts and the occasional boost, this game is a smart brain teaser with a lot of potential.

You’ll lead Neelo through four different environments for a total of 96 unique levels. Not only are you trying to get our green-faced hero from point A to point B, you’re also trying to collect stars, earn top scores and do better than you did before. Users must meet certain goals to unlock the game as they go, which can be frustrating if you or your child get stuck on a certain level.

That being said, I did find Take Me Home a bit challenging. Maybe I didn’t have enough right brain spatial development as a youth. A healthy dose of this game should do the trick. And then there’s the translation, which is hilariously flawed. Right off the bat we noticed strange phrasing. It wasn’t “all your base are belong to us” bad, but it was still pretty funny. I suggest handing this game to children with a firm grasp on the English language to avoid any unnecessary confusion.

Graphically, I’m quite pleased with Take Me Home. Not only is Neelo insanely cute, the boards are interesting and the different scenes keep the game from getting boring. This app is truly universal, meaning it looks great on the iPhone and makes full use of the iPad’s bigger screen.

It’s also a pretty good deal. You can add Take Me Home to your family’s app collection for $.99, and even the swiftest puzzle solver in your clan is going to get hours of fun with all the content. To top it off the entire app is kid-friendly, with no ads or outside links. It’s the kind of game you can hand to children of any age without having to worry constantly, and that’s always nice.

Bottom line

Take Me Home is all-ages fun that’s great for developing spatial recognition. The killer price doesn’t hurt either.

TakeMeHome is a physics game in wich you will help “Neelo”, a mischief green martian that has decided to take a walk in space, and is lost on Earth!

In Take Me Home, yo will use all the features that have made the iPhone and iPad a hit, like accelerometer and multitouch, in just one single game! You will help Neelo to find his spaceship and start the journey back home across 4 different journeys, each one with his own music, ambientation and gameplay.

With beautiful graphics, attention to every single detail, and music by Heather Fenoughty, Peter McIsaac and Olive Music, TakeMeHome is a family adventure-puzzle with 96 challenging levels that will warranty you hours of fun! Regular Price: 0.99$