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Categorized as a game in iTunes, Tappie Colorit offers more than just entertainment for toddlers and preschoolers. This iPad app offers a delightful learning environment for working on a number of objectives in a completely kid-safe environment.

Tappie Colorit is a puzzle app that was designed with kids ages 1 to 3 in mind, but could be used with older children, too. This app could be used for learning objectives such as the use of fine motor skills, cognitive development skills and identifying colors and shapes.

Children may need some assistance getting started as the only instructions provided are a simple hand symbol indicating what is expected. An option to hear the color or shape name of the object the child has chosen would be beneficial for the child to associate the color (or shape) name with the visual of what the color (or shape) looks like.

In addition to the main screen, which has been designed to be used as a puzzle, the app includes eight puzzles. Puzzles do become slightly more difficult as children advance through the app. The first puzzle might show a picture of a pine tree, for example, then the object is next shown as a you might see in a wood puzzle; requiring the user to use the four pieces to put the tree back together again. Later in the set, more pieces are available than what are needed to complete the puzzle. Another puzzle set may require the child to match the vehicle to a garage of the same color or match the butterflies to the flowers of the same color and so on.

Amusing sounds are used for feedback; such as when the incorrect puzzle piece is used or when a puzzle has been completed. The neutral background and basic colors used throughout the app not only offer a warm environment for the kids to play, but the colors are the basic colors that the kids should be learning at this young age; neither the background, colors or sounds are distracting.

Extremely kid-safe, in-app purchases, ads, social media buttons or external links are not contained in Tappie Colorit. We especially love apps that our children can play in safely.

A separate iPhone version is available in iTunes.

Bottom line

Delightful, educational and entertaining, Tappie Colorit has a lot to offer at a great price.
Tappie Colorit is the touch-screen application suitable for small kids aged 1 to 3 years old. Kids are encouraged to figure out simple cognitive puzzles based on shape or color. Game promotes development of fine fingers mobility, color perception, logical thinking, attention, and skills to compare of subjects on value, the form and color. Components have bigger sizes and colors. Children learn to recognize shapes and colors, distinguish that figures are differ, but even different subjects can have something general, for example, color. The “main” first puzzle starts out with a red circle, blue triangle, and yellow square that need to be dragged to a rows of grey circles, triangles, and squares that unlocks 1 of 8 learning games that include shape matching, color matching, size recognition, visual spatial puzzles, and categorization. Each of the 8 learning games increase in difficulty as you solve a level along with a variety of fun sounds and applause after each correct answer.

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