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The Adventures of Robin Hood is another stellar storybook title from Chocolapps (formerly known as So Ouat). I’ve come to expect high quality apps from this developer, and the new title doesn’t disappoint. The Adventures of Robin Hood introduces children to the classic story of good versus evil, and stealing from the rich to give to the poor. But, as usual, you get a lot more than just a good story with this app.


In The Adventures of Robin Hood, children can enjoy this classic in several different ways. It can be read to them or read on its own. They can also play fun story-themed mini games, such as archery practice. This title, like so many others from Chocolapps, combines interactive images and animated cartoon scenes alongside a charming tale. It’s the kind of app that kids are going to have a lot of fun with, or that you can use as a traditional storybook if you want to, too.

There are also plenty of learning opportunities in the app, from vowel reinforcement to explanatory images and words. And, something new for the developer, The Adventures of Robin Hood comes with a fully animated story you can unlock simply by signing up for Chocolapps updates. Sure, I wish they wouldn’t ask me for my email address. After all, the HD version of this app costs $3.99, so as far as I’m concerned all app content should be automatically unlocked.

Kid-Friendly Factor

As in other apps from this developer, The Adventures of Robin Hood app includes some links to outside content, specifically to additional applications, Facebook and Twitter. So this might be the kind of app you let your children enjoy with a little supervision, or, you might try enjoying the app in airplane mode.

Otherwise, navigating and enjoying the app is easy for kids, as my brood can attest. They love the story of Robin Hood, and thought the mini games like crushing the wall were a lot of fun.

Bottom line

The Adventures of Robin Hood is a well-made eBook app with a lot of awesome extras. Outside links and repeated requests for my email address were a little frustrating.

The newest installment in an award-winning series of interactive storybooks, The Adventures of Robin Hood, recounts the medieval excitement of Sherwood Forest with colorful, appealing artwork and captivating “pop-up” animations. Both HD ($3.99) & Standard ($0.99) versions are fully localized into six languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Dutch.

The Adventures of Robin Hood accommodates young readers of all skill levels by providing both on-screen text and audio narration, in addition to its many educational functions. Robin Hood readers can also view a full-screen cartoon video of the story—a brand new feature making its debut with this release. Plus, the HD version includes engaging mini-games set during Robin Hood’s climactic moments, giving kids the chance to find the hooded Robin in a crowd, compete in a high-stakes archery tournament, and storm Prince John’s castle to rescue Maid Marian.

Regular Price: $3.99 HD / $0.99 Standard