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  • The Book of Holes
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Review Summary:

The Book of Holes is a unique interactive book.

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Based on a book of the same name, the app contains fun interactive objects and two reading options.

Features include:

  • Two options for reading the book
  • Page index
  • Guide for parents


The Book of Holes has a clean and simple background, allowing the user to focus on the topic being presented on the page. Each of the interactive objects and sounds are topic related.

Users will find the interface straightforward. A page index and page arrows make navigating through the pages effortless. The parent’s guide will assist parents in extending the benefits of the app. Nice quality graphics, sounds and pleasant narration make the experience enjoyable.


The Book of Holes covers various topics, such as body parts and functions and the universe. Topics are presented with humor and entertaining animations. A parent’s page-by-page guide provides “touch it & see” and “challenge” information for each page and helps parents on how they could use the app with their children.

While there isn’t a lot of text, the app does offer two options for reading the book. The Read to Me option has pleasant narration, but no text highlighting.

This app could be used with a wide range of ages, young children will enjoy touching the many interactive objects on each page and older children will like the unique presentation of the various topics.


The Book of Holes is an entertaining app; however, it isn’t one that will take your child long to complete. Kids will likely return to the app for the interactive objects and sounds.


Additional activities would be beneficial as the app does not contain the amount of content one would expect for an app in this price range.

Child Friendliness

External links are tucked away where kids are not likely to access them allowing kids to enjoy the app without having to be concerned with what they may access.

The Book of Holes is a unique interactive book.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars