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The Goofy Gallerist is a slide puzzle of sorts. The objective of the game is for the user to restore a painting that has been scrambled by an alien.

An important note regarding the age rating in iTunes, the age rating for this app in iTunes is 12+; only because it does contain some nudity. What little nudity I came across is typical of what you would find in the classical masterpieces if visiting an art museum.

The game is divided into 10 different artistic movements; such as Renaissance, Baroque and Edo to name the first three; each movement contains 20 puzzles. Stars are earned by the number of movements used to complete the puzzle. Puzzles can be unlocked by earning stars or downloading the in-app purchase. Each puzzle has been divided into horizontal and vertical strips which you slide until the painting has been restored. Puzzles do get progressively more difficult. A short tutorial is available if needed. A settings button is available on each puzzle screen allowing you to restart the level, choose different puzzles or to see how many movements are required to obtain five stars. Puzzles are not timed, this with the music make for an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Younger users may become frustrated as the puzzles do become rather difficult quickly.

This app is more game than educational. Upon completion of a puzzle, the name of the artist, painting name and circa of painting is displayed until you exit that puzzle. If a puzzle is completed in the correct number of movements, and you’ve earned five stars, the painting will appear in your gallery. When viewing the painting in the gallery the painting information is also available.

The Goofy Gallerist is a universal app and it plays well on either device. When using the app on the iPad the zoom option, commonly used for universal apps, is available. The paintings look nice even when zoomed.

Facebook and Twitter buttons are available on the main screen. Pressing the buttons will take you out of the app to the developer’s Facebook or Twitter. A suggestion to the developer would be to move these buttons to the Settings menu being this app is aimed at children as well as adults.

Bottom line

The Goofy Gallerist is a unique slide puzzle app designed to entertain and educate.
The Goofy Gallerist is an innovative educative puzzle game for iPhone with a one-“flick” UNIQUE gameplay.

It offers minutes of pure entertainment and is recommended for children and grown ups alike, due to is strong educative content.

It transports the player into the heart of art history.

YOUTUBE TRAILER : http://youtu.be/nvWoWEK47Kc

The aim of the game is to restore a canvas that in the beginning of each level is scrambled and divided in vertical and horizontal stripes.

The game has more than 200 paintings divided into 10 different artistic movements with increasingly difficult grids.
A gameplay experience comparable to a fun trip to the museum.

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