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In the latest addition to the “Mom, It’s Me” series, the magical kite takes your child on a journey through Africa. The Lost Gorilla is the third app in the “Mom, It’s Me” series by My Digital Photo Story. As with the other apps in the series, you can customize the story by adding a photo of your child’s face to make them the main character.

In The Lost Gorilla, your child will help the little lost gorilla find her parents; along the way they will discover many surprises, including other animals in Africa.

As you enter the app for the first time, you can choose the gender of the main character and you can add a photo of your child. If you choose to use a photo of your child, you will want to choose the lock button; otherwise, any time your child touches the character during the story they will be prompted to change the photo.

If the photo of your child looks a little odd, check the Artistic Pen Filter option in Settings; make sure it is in the off position. The developer tells me that if it is in the on position, a low-pass image processing filter is applied to the photo. The filter is to give a painting-like feeling to the personalized face. The quality of the filter result heavily depends on lighting in the photo being used. I found this to be true with the photo I used in testing. It was a photo where the sunshine was very bright on one side of my child’s face and it made the photo look a little odd; it looked better with the setting turned off.

Your child can also record themselves saying something; such as “hello!”, it can be different on every page. The photo will need to be unlocked in order to perform this action. Don’t forget to make sure it’s locked before reading the story.

There are multiple ways to customize how your child experiences the story; such as text can be turned on or off, as can sounds, animations and narration. If you choose to use the Read to Me option, text is highlighted one line at a time as it is read to your child.

The bright colors and illustrations, easy to understand narration, music and sounds will quickly immerse your child into this delightful story.

Previous and next page buttons are the only navigation buttons available on each page. It would be nice if there was an easy way to return to the beginning once you are in the story.

One warning to parents, this app does contain buttons to access Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, the internet and pages for the other apps in the series. Some of the buttons are prominently displayed; others are in the Settings menu, which is available from every page in the story. Many parents are concerned with the availability of these types of links and buttons. We have suggested to the developer that they consider removing or protecting the buttons and links.

Bottom line

The Lost Gorilla – Mom, It’s Me is a delightful story that your child will enjoy being a part of.
With Mom, It’s Me!™, you make your child the STAR of the story. In just a few simple swipes, you can create personalized storybooks that feature your child’s face and sound. Your child will love the great stories, colorful art, and awesome animations. Check out our video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49iK7zo-w_0

The Lost Gorilla – Mom, It’s Me!™ is our best book yet! This time the magical kite will take your child to an adventure in Africa – helping a baby gorilla find her parents. Your child will need to spot the different animals hiding in each page before eventually reaching the parents gorillas. All of the this embedded in a fun story in which your child is the star!

Teach your child about animals and family values in an entertaining, memorable way.

NOTE: download requires WiFi connection due to the quality of the original artwork. This story features 12 beautifully illustrated pages.

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