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The Scariest Halloween Story Ever is a silly halloween tale that’s perfect for children just getting into the scary side of halloween, but not quite ready to be completely scared. The app follows a little boy as the character of the The Candy Corn Man, protector of scaredy cats and chickens.

The story seems to be straight out of the imagination of a 9 year old trying to scare a younger brother or sister. Telling us we’re too scared and we shouldn’t keep reading, while luring us further into the story. The Candy Corn Man’s costume is made from bits and pieces laying around the house: a cardboard box for a mask, a sheet for a cape and oven mitts for gloves. All this builds a strong connection between the character and the reader.

Throughout the story, there are interactive elements, but not on every page, which I felt lacked consistency. The interactive features that are included are fun and creative – bugs that gather around your finger on the screen, meatballs splatting (for eyeballs), and a chalkboard to draw on.

While the app is very good, it didn’t quite seem to reach it’s potential. I would like to have seen interactive elements on more, if not all, pages. I also found the app wasn’t as responsive as it could have been, drawing with the chalk was laggy, for example. The app also crashed several times on the older iPad 1.

Bottom line

The Scariest Halloween Story Ever is a fun app that will get kids into the spirit of Halloween in a silly, semi-scary way. The app does need more interactive elements, but I do recommend it as a Halloween treat for the kids. Follow Candy Corn Man on an interactive reading adventure full of Halloween surprises and unexpected turns. The Scariest Halloween Story Ever! is an interactive storybook with an engaging narrative and fun mini-games that’s perfect for getting in the Halloween ‘spirit’! Regular Price: $2.99