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Oceanhouse Media is doing a fantastic job presenting Dr. Seuss books in a digital format that all generations will enjoy. My parents instilled in us a great love of books and we were always surrounded by books. So it was a pleasant surprise to find The Shape of Me and Other Stuff, one Dr. Seuss book I had not heard of.

The Shape of Me and Other Stuff takes the children on a journey of the many different shapes and how they are rarely alike; shapes such as strings, elephants, lips, chewing gum and water to name a few. The shapes are done as silhouettes which removes any distractions so that the kids can focus entirely on the shape. Along the way, the story is told using the silly rhyming we all love and associate with Dr. Seuss books. The best shape is saved for last, and I love the positive message that it ends the book with, “Hooray for the shapes we’re in!”

Three reading options are included in this easy to use app; read to me, read it myself, and auto play. There are background music and sounds to enhance the story no matter which option you choose. Sound effects can be muted on the information menu. There are times I love choosing one of the read to me options, because of the narrations. They are read as I imagine Dr. Seuss himself might have read the story. Dr. Seuss books, I think, not only help teach kids to read, but read with expression and to show them that reading can be fun and silly.

Two additional features available to help your beginning reader are the text highlighting (during the narrated reading methods) and the ability for the child to touch any word or object to hear the word spoken.

This app does contain links that will take your child out of the app. Also, when wanting to stop the auto play reading option, you will need to exit the app. These would be two areas of improvement I would like to see the developers change.

The Shape of Me and Other Stuff is a universal app that plays well on either device.

Bottom line

The Shape of Me and Other Stuff is another Dr. Seuss gem. The app is consistent with other Oceanhouse Media Dr. Seuss apps; well done and reasonably priced.
Learn new shapes and words in this wacky, eccentric exploration of silhouettes and Seussian rhymes – perfect for beginner readers!

Children are encouraged to seek out details and ponder unique shapes like “the shape of beans and big machines” or “the shapes of ships and water when it drips!” Kids will love the silly rhymes and funny images, and parents will appreciate this original take on the largely untapped world of shapes.

“The shape of you the shape of me
the shape of everything I see . . .
a bug . . . a balloon, a bed, a bike.
No shapes are ever quite alike.”

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