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  • The UnStealer
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Enjoy this adorable e-book as the UnStealer sneaks his way through the pages, removing the negatives and leaving only positive in his wake.

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The sinister UnStealer sneaks into bad situations and makes them better with his somewhat magical knowledge of the prefix un-. The shady character uses all sorts of strategies to steal the UNs from Unsuspecting characters, and incidentally makes their lives a whole lot more pleasant.

Features include:

  • Professional narration
  • Interactive pages
  • Engaging story
  • Fun sound effects
  • High quality art work


The UnStealer is entertaining and educational, with a very positive message. The Unstealer seeks out the negative words (which of course, begin with the prefix “un-“) and washes away the negativity by removing those two letters. He can turn “unhappy” into “happy” in the blink of an eye. The app is engaging and intuitive to use, a high quality ebook.


This app sneaks in a difficult language arts concept-the idea that a chunk of a few letters can completely change the meaning of a word. The UnStealer will appeal to a wide range of age groups, though, because it’s an engaging story. The highly-visual way that the main character sneaks onto pages and slides off with the offending “un-“ is very memorable, and will help even younger children get the idea that the prefix changes the meaning of the word.

The UnStealer is also a story of opposites, so if your young child needs a better understanding of this idea, this is a great ebook to pick up. Parties go from unhappy and boring to glad and fun, a sad, indecisive young lady gains confidence, and an antisocial canine turns over a new leaf.

The text also contains a charming rhyme and rhythm, even though the words are not presented as a poem. It’s fun to read out loud, and young children will enjoy providing the rhyming word at the end of each couplet and playing other games to help them practice phonemic awareness skills.


The UnStealer is a lot of fun. The text has that lilting quality that makes it musical to the ear, so it’s a pleasure to listen to the narration. Each page features animations and sound effects that are triggered by touching various hot spots, so the young user will have fun trying to discover them all. Best of all, these hidden goodies are quite appropriate and connected to the text, rather than seeming like afterthoughts as with so many other ebooks.


The UnStealer is a high quality children’s ebook. It’s packed with features that make it a cut above many other ebooks, including high quality narration, hidden animations and sound effects, and messages on several levels. This one could easily land on the “favorite ebook” shelf at your house!

Child Friendliness

The UnStealer contains no in-app purchases, no outside advertisements, and no links to social media, email or the open internet. Adult users can find a web address for the developers, but it is not a live link. Parents and teachers of young children can rest assured that this app is very child-friendly.

Enjoy this adorable e-book as the UnStealer sneaks his way through the pages, removing the negatives and leaving only positive in his wake.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars