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  • Tiggly Safari
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Tiggly Safari is a unique app that utilizes rubber shape accessories to teach children various shapes and animals. Fun, hands on, and very educational!

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Tiggly Safari is a unique interactive game that helps children learn a variety of animals and shapes in a very hands way. With the option to purchase specialized shape blocks to use with the app, parents are able to maximize the educational opportunities by allowing them to learn in a very tactile way. This app is great for early learners as it is full of bright colors, narration, and fun sound effects.

Features include:

  • Unique set up
  • 7 Levels
  • Increased challenge
  • 7 Language options


Tiggly Safari is just one of the unique apps in a series that incorporates four blocks of various shapes to play and learn. The developers have created a very unique set up to allow children to play this app with or without the blocks which is great. Using the blocks of course allows children to have a different experience with touching the blocks and using the correct ones for each activity. In this particular app, children are using the blocks to form fun animals with bright colors that children will love. The set up is very easy to use as it allows children to use the blocks to tap a dotted outline of the shapes as they appear on the screen. Another great part of the app is the audio which includes narration for each animal and sound effects that help to keep children engaged. Overall, this app is of very high quality.


Tiggly Safari helps children identify and learn shapes and a variety of animals. The unique rubber blocks that are recommended to be used with the app make learning fun and much more hands on. With 7 different levels to complete, children will be able to match the shape that appears on the screen in order to build and create various animals. As each animal appears on the screen the word appears and the narrator reads it aloud which is great for kids learning new vocabulary words.

Another aspect of the app that makes it great is the increasing challenge with each new level. The beginning levels introduce children to the shapes and the blocks so they know how to utilize them in the app. As each level progresses, the challenge increases as well, by using more than one shape for the animals or by using a moving target.


While this app is primarily an educational app, little ones will truly be engaged while using the rubber blocks. Having the blocks in hand to use with the app makes it feel much more like a game and it allows children to play with the blocks on their own, separate from the app. The bright colors, sound effects, and narration also help to keep children engaged as they explore the various animals on the farm, in the jungle, etc.


The Tiggly Safari app itself is absolutely free, however for parents wanting to utilize the rubber blocks with the app, they have to purchase those separately. The Tiggly Shapes can be purchased through the developers website and come at a pretty high price compared to traditional apps. With that said, they can be used with 3 apps that are free in the App Store. The apps can still be used without purchasing the blocks, however in order to get the most out of the app, the blocks are highly recommended. When you consider what you can do with the unique rubber shapes in the various apps and the fact that children can play with them on their own, the price isn’t too bad.

Child Friendliness

The developers have done a nice job with keep Tiggly Safari easy to use and safe. Using the blocks with the app only requires that children tap the screen in the correct place with the block to successfully create each animal which is easy to do. The narration for each animal and the sound effects also help children make the correlation between the word and the pictures which is great for early learning.

Parents will also appreciate the fact that there are no in app purchases or social media links. The parents section is protected so children don’t end up getting into areas they shouldn’t be. While that is true for the ‘unlocked’ app using the blocks, if parents are using the app without the blocks, there is a tab that when tapped will display info about the blocks on the main page. Overall, the developers have done a nice job creating a unique and safe app for kids.

Tiggly Safari is a unique app that utilizes rubber shape accessories to teach children various shapes and animals. Fun, hands on, and very educational!

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars