Toad Sues God

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  • Toad Sues God
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Toad has a problem, so he heads to heaven to take it up with God in this classic folktale from Vietnam

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What do toads have to do with rain? The answer to the question is explained in Toad Sues God, a folktale from Vietnam. This unique folktale follows a toad as he travels to heaven to sue God for not providing enough rain. He takes his friends fox, tiger, and bear along with him. The animals face some trouble when they reach heaven, but eventually they reach God and make a deal. Read this unique folktale to find out whether they get what they ask for or are sent back to a dry Earth.

Features include:

  • Interactive illustrations
  • Read to Me option
  • Read to Myself option
  • Shares an important message


Kids can opt to read the story themselves or have it read to them. Even if they choose the “Read Myself” option, they can always turn on the narration. The narration of the story is accompanied by a weird echo. Perhaps its supposed to sound like a voice coming from heaven or a voice in a rainstorm, but overall it misses the mark. The text in the story could also be improved. It often sits awkwardly over the illustrations. Kids can tap an icon to make it disappear so they can experience the animations fully, but it’d be better if it were placed at the top or bottom of the screen rather than overlapping some of the illustrations. Thankfully, the animations are fun for kids and help redeem some of the misses with the text and narration.


Despite sometimes overlapping the illustrations, the text is displayed clearly on the screen. During the narration, words are highlighted as they are read. Kids can also tap on the illustrations to discover keywords related to the story. This helps improve vocabulary skills. The story itself is also a good for education. Teachers and parents can discuss the moral of the story with kids and even encourage kids to use the story as inspiration for their own folktale.


As kids read the story, they’ll get the chance to enjoy the interactive illustrations. These illustrations are cute, although the toad doesn’t always look like a toad, and will help kids interested in the story. Finger icons direct kids where to tap to start the animations and they can play them over and over again on each page if they choose.


This animated story is priced lower than many of its counterparts. The cost helps offset some of the issues with the narration and text. Parents may find that this is a unique folktale worth adding to their children’s eBook collection.

Child Friendliness

An info screen is accessible from the main page. There kids will find a link to the developer’s website. There are also icons for e-mailing the developers and rating the app. All of these options are protected by a parental lock. Once parents solve the math problem to unlock one link, all of the links remain unlocked until the app is closed.

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  • YES “Rate Me” (protected, but visible)
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Toad has a problem, so he heads to heaven to take it up with God in this classic folktale from Vietnam

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars