Top Five Spring Cleaning Apps

As the weather turns warmer, many thoughts turn to spring cleaning. Seeing the grass and flowers come back to life, makes us want to start fresh in our homes. We are ready to declutter, clean, and organize every nook and cranny. These apps will help get your house clean and organized in no time at all so you can spend the summer relaxing by the pool.

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If you are familiar with Flylady, you will love FlyHelper. Create zones in your home of what areas you will be focusing on, and get reminders of what tasks need to be done in that zone. You can also receive reminders to plan your weekly menu, take time for yourself, or check the calendar for upcoming events.
cleaning checklist
Cleaning Checklist
For those who like to make lists, and cross items off as they are completed, this app is for you. Choose a room to clean, select what tasks you need to do (make bed, dust, sweep, etc.), and check them off once you have completed them. In addition to being able to cross them off your list, the app shows what percentage of the room is clean, motivating you to keep pushing towards reaching 100% complete.
Toby was created to optimize and motivate your cleaning. You choose how often you want to complete a chore, and Tody lets you know how long it’s been since those areas have been cleaned. There are no alarms or deadlines, just a visual cue of how dirty something is getting. Turn the app into a game, by sharing lists with other members in your family. Everyone sees the tasks that need to be done, and whoever completes them can claim the credit.
home routine
Home Routines
Home Routines is one of my personal favorites. Like the previous apps mentioned, this app allows you to create routine checklists, and then sends notifications to compete the tasks on those checklists. To help keep you motivated and on track, you earn a gold star for every task completed. The checklists reset itself every day, so there is no guilt for whatever chores you did not get finished. Detailed cleaning lists are included in each Zone that you are focusing on. You can even do a bit of speed cleaning with the built-in timer, to get you house picked up in record time.
cleaning checklist
Unfilth Your Habitat
This is the perfect app for the overwhelmed, busy, or even lazy person. Keep in mind that the word “unfilth is replaced with a more vulgar term in-app. Along with that, there is quite a bit of swearing in this app. And by quite a bit, I mean a lot.
You have to select challenges to complete by room, and from there can choose timed challenges in 5, 10, or 20 minute intervals. Random motivators pop up to keep the mood light, and encourage you to just get something done. You can also choose to receive random challenges, that will get you working on an area you might otherwise have skipped over.